#953 – Wayne: A bit of nostalgia remembering the early 1940s.

This summer my friend, Kathy Garvey, gave me a photo and fascinating accompanying story, both of which speak for themselves and follow, below. I have purposely not edited Wayne’s words, as they are written spontaneously, and more interesting. “Dad” is Kathy’s Grandpa, and the other players are his wife and kids. Wayne writes extemporaneously the […]

#952 – Dick Bernard: Some thoughts on President Obama

Yesterday, President Obama had Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senator Mitch McConnell et al over for lunch. Everybody in that room knew what was going on, and what will continue. You don’t – you can’t – put aside six years of orchestrated hatred against the nations first black President, and “liberals”, and sincerely “make […]

#951 – Dick Bernard: The Days Ahead, the Aftermath of the 2014 Election

Questions only you can answer: did you vote in the 2014 election? If not, why not? If you voted, did you vote for all the candidates on the ballot? How well did you know the candidates running for the offices? It will be days before there is reasonably accurate data, but all appearances are that […]

#950 – Dick Bernard: The 2014 Election sine die; 2016 ahead

A few days ago a friend from college days sent me Bill O’Reilly’s U.S. Citizenship test. The admonishment: “Take this test. DO NOT CHEAT!!!!”. There are 25 questions. Passing is 15. I follow directions. Like my friend, I got 24 right. Your turn. Election night was not an easy one for someone like myself, self-described […]

#949 – Dick Bernard: One Day to Election Day, Tuesday November 4

Other personal commentaries on 2014 election here. What matters tomorrow, Tuesday November 4, is voter turnout. The people who show up and vote for one or the other of the two major parties on the ballot will make their choice for thousands of local, state and federal offices around the U.S. If you haven’t voted […]

#948 – Dick Bernard: North Dakota's 125th Birthday; remembering a farm as part of that history

Today, November 2, 2014, is the 125th anniversary of the admission of the State of North Dakota to the United States of America. I previously wrote about the history of this event, and the relation of my Grandparents Busch farm to that history on October 1. You can read that here, with numerous links. The […]