#963 – Dick Bernard: The First Sunday of Advent, 2014

Today, at least for Roman Catholics, is the First Sunday of Advent. It will be noticed today at my Church, Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis. As with most everything in our diverse society, there are many definitions of the meaning of this liturgical season, the four Sundays between now and Christmas Day, December 25. Here’s […]

#962 – Anne Dunn: I Have Been Told: The Thanksgiving Day Myth

Long-time great friend, Anne, has contributed her always valued perspective to this blog on several occasions. Her thoughts, below, arrived in my mailbox a couple of days ago and are presented with her permission. Her other posts, as well as other links referring to her or her work, can be found here. Thank you, Anne. […]

#961 – Dick Bernard: Ferguson MO. A Victim Impact Statement

Beginning last evening there’s been plenty of news about Officer Darren Wilson, un-armed victim Michael Brown and Ferguson MO. There’ll be a great deal more. The news will be as it is. Some thoughts from my little corner…. Yesterday afternoon I met a guy at a local restaurant I frequent. He was a retired police […]

#960 – Dick Bernard: A Very Good Morning at S.P.I.F.F.

Last Friday we volunteered for one of those “you’ll have to guess” kinds of assignments. Daughter Joni, Principal at Somerset Elementary in Mendota Heights, asked if we’d be interested in participating in something called “SPIFF” with second graders at the school. “Sure. Why not?” And we headed to an uncertain assignment. We signed in, and […]

#959 – Dick Bernard: The Ukraine, Russia, and US.

PRE-NOTE: My choice in reflecting on talk such as described below is to never attempt to interpret the expert. So, after the talk, I asked Dr. Tonoyan if he had “any recommended available sources of further information I could share with my list?” He responded almost in short order: The best and the most level-headed […]

#958 – Dick Bernard: An unexpected look at a trip through California , 1941.

Note Dec. 5, 2020: This blog consists of two parts, about the same trip.  The link to the first part – the trip to California from ND – is at the end of the para below the Golden Gate postcard. * Numerous times this past year I’ve written about the ancestral farm in North Dakota. […]

#957 – Dick Bernard: "Last night I had the strangest dream…."

Directly related: here Last night Paul Chappell inspired nearly 300 of us at the Annual Celebration of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers at Landmark Center in St. Paul. “Is World Peace Possible?” was his topic. Of course, the answer is “yes”, but one needs both to believe that possibility and work towards the goal rather […]

#956 – Dick Bernard: Speaking of Peace, Paul Chappell

This day I chose to spend my time at an all-day workshop, “Waging Peace in Difficult Times”, facilitated by Paul K. Chappell, West Point Graduate, Iraq vet, former Army Captain, author and peace educator. (click to enlarge) There were 26 of us in attendance, 10 who I knew. Chappell’s presentation was very stimulating. He is […]

#955 – Dick Bernard: The St. John's Bible at the Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis MN

The “rack card” at the Basilica display of the St. John’s Bible can be seen here: St Johns Bible rack card001 The last two weeks I had noticed portions of the magnificent St. John’s Bible on display at my home Church, the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis MN. A flier at the back of […]

#954 – Dick Bernard: Armistice Day 2014

(click to enlarge photos) This morning I attended the annual Vets for Peace observance of Armistice Day at the USS Ward monument on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds. It was a bone-chilling day with a numbing wind, and on the way home I stopped at my favorite restaurant for a cup of coffee and a […]