#947 – Dick Bernard: One week to the 2014 Election. Vote, and vote well-informed, on November 4.

(click to enlarge) It happened that on almost the same day campaign mailers arrived in our St. Paul suburban mailbox advocating for the election of either the DFL (Democratic) or Republican candidate for state Legislature in our Minnesota legislative district. The JoAnn Ward (Incumbent and Democrat) mailer is above; that of her Republican challenger Lukas […]

#946 – Dick Bernard: Financing Elections. Transparency vs the Gutless Wonders of Dark Money

Last Fall I volunteered to become Treasurer for my local state legislators re-election campaign. This was a voluntary decision. Rep. JoAnn Ward is a stellar representative, taking her duty to represent all very seriously. I felt helping a little was the least I could do. But the experience has not been without stumbles. Succinctly, I […]

#945 – Dick Bernard: Two Weeks before the 2014 Election.

Previous related posts: here and here. There is no magic in the next two weeks. The difference will be measured strictly by how many people actually vote on November 4. Vote yourself, and urge everyone you know to vote, and for everyone, to vote with full awareness of the implications of your vote (or non-vote). […]

#944 – Dick Bernard: Rightsizing.

This past week was a phenomenal early fall day in our area, easily matching the postcard vistas featured for Maine on the evening news. A couple of days ago, I took this snapshot along my walking route: just some brush along the shore of a storm drainage pond. Whatever the source, it’s a nice pic, […]

#943 – Dick Bernard: Three weeks before the 2014 Election. The Obama Presidency, near six years out; and the Tea Party movement tries to re-incarnate itself.

I’m liberal, but very moderate, and passionate about the need for people to understand each other and to find common ground. Three weeks before the 2014 election, some thoughts, the main one: VOTE, AND VOTE WELL INFORMED. First, this week, Nobel Prize economist Paul Krugman wrote a long commentary about his view of the reality […]

#942 – Dick Bernard: Another delightful night at the Minnesota Orchestra.

We went to our subscription season opener on Saturday evening, and it was, as always, a delightful experience. Andrew Litton conducted a program of Richard Strauss: Don Quixote: Fantastic Variations on a Theme of Knightly Character; Salome’s Dance (Dance of the Seven Veils); Suite from Der Rosenkavalier. It was a marvelous, fun program. Through the […]

#941 – Dick Bernard: Four Weeks, 28 days to Election Day

Personal suggestion: Know all of the candidates who are on your ballot for the November 4 election, and what they stand for, then vote your choices. For Minnesotans, the Minnesota election weblink is here. I would suspect that each state’s Secretary of State has a similar page. * Yesterday afternoon I noted a man wearing […]

#940 – Dick Bernard: The 125th Birthday of North Dakota

NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS: An earlier version of this post has been updated below,including more content, links and photographs. This post was picked up by Twin Cities on-line newspaper MinnPost on Oct. 1, and can be read here. After publishing this blog, I received a note from the coordinator for North Dakota Studies at the State […]