#918 – Dick Bernard: The Night of the Big Wind, July 28, 1949

Directly related post from July 25, here. For some reason lost to history, on July 28, 1949, we Bernards took a midweek 100 mile trip from Sykeston ND to Grandma and Grandpa Busch’s farm near Berlin ND. While there seems no particular reason for the trip, mid-summer would have been a logical time to visit […]

#917 – Dick Bernard: The Hermit as Metaphor for US. With Comments from Wilhelm and George about Israel-Gaza and the Ukraine-Russia situation.

My summer has taken on something of a theme: most of my thinking, and a great deal of my time, has related to an old farm 310 miles away. My Aunt Edithe, born there in 1920, died in February; and her brother, my Uncle Vince, is in Nursing Home Care and no longer can even […]

#916 – Dick Bernard: Some Things. A Bit of Odd Synchronicity; An Opportunity to Reflect.

(Click all photos to enlarge) A couple of weeks ago I went to our nearby supermarket, Rainbow Foods, to pick up my daily staple: bananas. This particular day, the store sported a new temporary sign, “Byerly’s”, indicating its new owner. We all knew this was coming: Byerly’s had bought Rainbow and change was coming to […]

#915 – Dick Bernard: Some very sad news: Journalist Andy Driscoll takes his final bow.

We had just returned from several days out of town and catching on what’s been happening, Cathy noted the death of a friend of mine, Andy Driscoll. Indeed it was true, and this morning I woke up with a ever-longer Facebook entry with tributes to and about Andy. I looked at the home page of […]

#914 – Dick Bernard: Political Shorthand.

It’s near 100 days to the 2014 United States Election (by my count, the actual 100th day is next Sunday. Election is November 4, 2014.) What will you do, each day, to participate actively in your responsibility as a citizen. It is an important question, each individual needs to answer for him or herself. We […]

#913 – Dick Bernard: Politics, Money and Media

$1 million equals about 20 cents per Minnesota resident (5.4 million population; triple the population in 1905) $1 billion equals about 3 dollars per United States resident (314 million population)* Earlier this week I was visiting with my local state Legislator, Rep. JoAnn Ward. Rep. Ward is an outstanding Representative: very intelligent and hard-working. She […]

#912 – Dick Bernard: All-Star Baseball Game Day in Minneapolis

UPDATE July 16: Here’s how the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on All Star Day in Minneapolis. (click to enlarge) Tonight we experience the All-Star Game in the Twin Cities. About the only advantage we have, here, is that there is more “news” on the local media. A privileged few from all over the country will […]

#911 – Dick Bernard: Those "illegal" children: whipping up the hysteria.

The below letter of mine, published in the July 9, 2014, Woodbury Bulletin seems to fit todays post about the so-called crisis at the Mexico border. My letter was about war versus peace; the letter to which I refer in my letter was about revulsion towards a certain flag that represented “utopian” ideals. No matter, […]

#910 – Dick Bernard: Prairie Home Companion at 40 – Chapter 2

I wrote yesterday about my personal “history” with Prairie Home Companion; then I spent four hours at Macalester, and added a few photos of the event to the post. You can see it all here. There is a temptation to go back today…and tomorrow as well. But there’ll be plenty of other folks there, and […]

#909 – Dick Bernard: Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion at 40.

UPDATE July 5, here. There are big doings at Macalester College in St. Paul this weekend, celebrating 40 years of Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion (PHC). The St. Paul Pioneer Press (last Sunday) and Minneapolis Star Tribune (yesterday) had long articles about the anniversary. You can read them here and here. Thanks to my […]