#907 – Dick Bernard: The Tool Shed

My friend, Bruce, and I were in one of our occasional jousting modes earlier today. I had sent along a post including a commentary by a self-described member of the .01%ers – the super wealthy. Basically, Mr. Hanauer, reminded his fellow super-wealthy folks that starving the middle class was not productive for the wealthy. The […]

#906 – Dick Bernard: A "Fortnight for Freedom". The Tyranny of Belief?

A few hours after publishing this post, I went on my daily walk, and found this in chalk along the curb. It had been placed there since yesterday (I always walk the same route)*. UPDATE on the photo, June 29: I went by the spot about noon, and no evidence of the chalked saying – […]

#905 – Dick Bernard: Cloud Watching and Some Beautiful Flowers

Late yesterday afternoon was beautiful weather for driving, east bound from North Dakota to the Twin Cities. A brilliant sun was at our back, and all around us were those wonderful puffy cumulus clouds, and farther ahead magnificent “mountain ranges” of white clouds atop rainy weather somewhere to the east. The vista began about Freeport […]

#904 – Dick Bernard: Living in Hell.

A few hours ago we were a pizza party for a friend who just turned 50. It was the usual kind of casual gettogether. Small talk. Catching up with people you haven’t seen for awhile. A cake with two candles: “5” and “0”, singing “Happy Birthday to you….” Each of us at or beyond that […]

#903 – Dick Bernard: St-Jean Baptiste Day June 24. Adding to a conversation about heritage and culture.

In Minneapolis, this Tuesday, June 24, the Canada Consul-General is hosting a celebration of St-Jean Baptiste, sponsored by Alliance Francaise de Minneapolis. The flier is here: La St-Jean Baptiste la Fete Nationale du Quebec. All are welcome, at a very moderate cost. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of state at the time of Fete de la […]

#902 – Dick Bernard: The Summer Solstice, Reflecting on Global War and Peace.

“Outtakes” after the photos. Check back in two or three days for additions at that space, and comments. Today is the Summer Solstice. On June 7, between meetings, I drove over to the Lock and Dam by Minneapolis’ Stone Arch Bridge, and a group of people were rehearsing a dance (see photo). Turned out, they […]

#901 – Dick Bernard: Back to Iraq; the propaganda mill begins to churn…again.

Pre-note: three interesting links at the end of this post. First Comment from Kathy M, June 18: To your point of questioning what our media tells us…You may have heard that the religious leader of Shia Muslims was fomenting violence. This article is considerably nuanced…complexity we Americans tend to overlook. More comments at end of […]

#900 – Dick Bernard: A Ride on the St. Paul-Minneapolis Green Line

NOTE: There is plenty of “regular” news about the inauguration of the Minneapolis to St. Paul Green Line train Saturday and Sunday. Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, and Twin Cities Daily Planet are three of, doubtless, many. Some personal observations: a ride on the railroad My spouse, Cathy, takes events like Father’s Day […]

#899 – Dick Bernard: Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to everyone. My favorite postcard, from 1910, to my Grandma Busch on the farm in North Dakota, from one of her sisters in Wisconsin, is this one: (click to enlarge photos) At the time, Grandma had two kids, three and one (my mother, the one year old), and Women’s Suffrage was 10 […]

#898 – Dick Bernard: United States Flag Day June 14, 2014

PRE-NOTE: Do you have any flag stories – things you remember? I’d like to hear from you. * Today is Flag Day in the United States. I’m a bit old-fashioned: a stand and doff-the-hat kind of guy when the American flag comes by. But I see a lot of misuse of the flag as a […]