#877 – Dick Bernard: A message to my 401 Friends on Facebook….

This afternoon my young friend, Raz, prodded me into action on getting out a Facebook notice about a special event on Thursday evening, May 1, at the Gandhi Mahal restaurant in south Minneapolis (27th at Lake Street). Here’s the Facebook entry (if you can access Facebook). This will be a very special event, probably of […]

#876 – Dick Bernard: The new Saints…and the real ones.

Two recent Popes were officially declared as Saints on April 27. Here is the flier which we Catholics could pick up yesterday at Mass, probably at all churches: Sts Jn XXIII and JP II001. They’re very different folks, these two new Saints. John XXIII would be my fave by far. He became Pope five months […]

#875 – Dick Bernard: Visiting History…including in the making

NOTE: See postnote about Hubert Humphrey at the end of this post. Friday I decided to attend the Panel and Global Webinar “Living the Legacy of Hubert H. Humphrey” at the University of Minnesota Law School. The event celebrated the “35th Anniversary of Humphrey Fellowship Program..web-streamed for access by the other 15 Humphrey campuses and […]

#874 – Dick Bernard: Craziness around….

PRE-NOTE: I had completed the entirety of the below post on April 16, but decided to hold off publishing till after Easter. Recent events, particularly in the Nevada ranch situation, make this a timely post. The overnight Just Above Sunset has a good summary on the current state of affairs. The recent incidents in Nevada […]

#873 – Dick Bernard: Easter, a Beautiful, Reflective, Complicated, Controversial Time

It is expected to be a beautiful Spring day in the Twin Cities today. Perfect Easter weather. Of course, not all Easter Sundays have been perfect. We dodged a lot of snow just a few days ago…. (click to enlarge) (explanation at end of post) Best I know, the Catholic Church does more with Easter […]

#872 – Dick Bernard: Listening to Adama Dieng, and A Musing about the United Nations in our ever more complex World

This evening I attended a talk by Adama Dieng, UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide. As the speaker biography describes him, Mr. Dieng “is an internationally renowned human rights lawyer and expert who has spent his career working to establish and defend the rule of law.” A native of Senegal, “in 2012 he […]

#871 – Dick Bernard: "The Mountaintop", revisited

Sometimes seemingly unrelated events just fit together, like random pieces of a puzzle that together make a confusing mess make sense. For me, such a convergence happened on Friday in three bits; preceded by two larger and more publicized national events. I just happened to be at an intersection where they came together, connected, at […]

#870 – Anne Dunn: I Have Been Told. Advocates for Peace

Ed. note: Anne’s always meaningful thoughts arrived at my in-box a couple of weeks ago. They are in synch with some other events upcoming in the near future: Shadow War information is here. Forty Years After Vietnam series begins April 10, details here. Also, just a couple of days ago, I learned of a book […]

#869 – Dick Bernard: The Robin

Today, I happened across a Robin, busily scouting out a lawn along my walking route. Doubtless there have been other Robins around, though not many. A robin, though, is a sure sign of spring for me. And this was the first one of 2014. For some reason, this Robin brought to mind the first Robin […]

#868 – Dick Bernard: A Declaration of INTERdependence

It was a nice day on Saturday, and I had gone to downtown Minneapolis at the invitation of my friend, Lynn Elling, who gave a brief talk to Business students at St. Thomas University’s downtown campus. (click to enlarge all photos) His is a near life-long passion for peace, for survival of the human family. […]