#864 – Dick Bernard: "We all do better when we all do better"

Saturday was a day for Politics in my community in Minnesota. Four hours at midday was spent at the local Senate District Convention (DFL – Democratic Farmer Labor party), at which we listened to and endorsed candidates for state representatives; where we approved the resolutions to be passed on to the next level; and where […]

#863 – Dick Bernard: An unintended re-learning about something I already knew: the Rapid Change in How We Communicate in Contemporary Society

POSTNOTE: The “work in progress” referred to below is complete as of April 13, 2014. During the past few days I have been involved in a “headache” assignment, self-imposed, but still a headache. For years I’ve had a very large notebook including 145 newsletters from a small, very low budget, but vibrant organization I was […]

1000 Pages. 22 Years. Chez Nous and Nouvelles Villes Jumelles

“FAST FORWARD”: The link to Chez Nous and Nouvelles Villes Jumelles Index is Chez Nous NVJ 1979-2002 2 col Jul 8, 2016. The links to the pages of the newsletter are at the end of this page. A history of the newsletter and La Societe is Chez Nous & La Societe history June 25, 2016. […]

#862 – Dick Bernard: An airliner vanishes, Stone Soup, House on Fire, and the 26th Nobel Peace Prize Forum, March 1, 7-9, 2014

UPDATE Mar 2, 2014: Video of all speeches referred to below should be accessible here. Noon today is the first day of Spring in Minnesota. It’s been a long enough winter here. It’s been about two weeks since the 26th Nobel Peace Prize Forum, convened at Augsburg College. “Crossing Boundaries to Create Common Ground” was […]

#861 – Dick Bernard: A Nation of Immigrants. "Footprints in the Snow"

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. In a sense, everybody is Irish on this day (or the weekend preceding or following), for assorted reasons. Yesterday at Church was the annual moving rendition of “Danny Boy”. Here’s a recent version from New York City I saw on YouTube: “Danny Boy”. I don’t have a lick of Irish […]

#860 – Dick Bernard: A "Charter for Compassion". The "rubber hits the road".

(click to enlarge) Sometimes fragments of life intersect for all of us, and are an opportunity to relearn, or learn for the first time. Here’s a personal example. Perhaps you might think of one or more of your own…. This post begins with an e-mail ‘thread’ a week ago today, about something called the Charter […]

#859 – Dick Bernard: Today the third one of us is 70!

Happy birthday, Flo! Brother Frank, on deck for this age, with one to go – John – sent a short e-mail: “boy, we sure are getting old!”. But Flo will probably be happy to see this post. At least her brother, me, remembered. This year I don’t need to be reminded a few days later…if […]

#858 – Anne Dunn: Climate Change. Beyond Debate.

Anne, who has contributed her own writings to this blog several times, comments here on an important issue: My mother told me a story (not a dream) about an elder who traveled through time. He could go forward or backward. He did this while in a deep sleep. He was probably comatose because he would […]

#857 – Dick Bernard: Final Day of 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Forum at Augsburg College.

Dates for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Forum: March 6-8, 2015 Posts for previous days accessible here. Today’s short and final session of the 2014 Forum was very interesting, beginning with a debate about the success or failure of the 113-year Nobel Peace Prize Forum, and ending with a very stimulating talk by 2011 Nobel […]

#856 – Dick Bernard: Day Three, Nobel Peace Prize Forum Augsburg College, Science and Health Day

Days One and Two: here. Sunday, March 9, program noon to 5 p.m. here. UPDATE: All live stream talks at this years Forum “by Nobel Peace Prize Forum” are archived and immediately accessible in their entirety via google plus on YouTube here. By my count there are 13 talks on video thus far, and there […]