#851 – Dick Bernard: Haiti, remembering a December, 2003, visit to Port-au-Prince, and the time before the overthrow of the Jean-Bertrand Aristide government February 29, 2004.

UPDATE: Yesterday my friend Jane Stillwater reported on a recent short visit to the same area I visited in 2003. You can read her comments, and see some photos, here. Back in the spring of 2002 my new friend, Paul Miller, began to lobby me to join him on a trip to Haiti. He’d been […]

#850 – Ed Ehlinger: It’s the Little Things that Count

Every now and then a true gold nugget appears in my in-box, and this evening was one such nugget, from Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Health. His commentary is presented here with his permission. Wonderful Sharer of Story Anne Dunn, to whom he refers in his writing, is a long-time good friend of […]

#849 – Dick Bernard: A Family Story: A 50th Birthday, The Beatles Invasion, "Forever Young", and "The Station"

UPDATE: Here is a December 17, 2010, post which directly relates to the below. Today, February 26, 2014, is son Tom’s 50th birthday, as well as my wife’s birthday, and a daughter-in-laws…and my Grandfather Bernard’s 144th. Saturday night, at another birthday party, daughter Joni took this picture of me with my 13-year old grandson, Spencer, […]

#848 – Dick Bernard: "Vatigate" on PBS Front Line

We just watched a powerful hour and a half about the Catholic Church – my lifelong Church – on PBS’ Frontline. Do take the time. You can watch Secrets of the Vatican here. I will comment later. UPDATE: Sunday, March 2, 2014 A week ago, prior to knowing that this program would play, came an […]

#847 – Dick Bernard: 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Augsburg College Minneapolis MN March 7-9, 2014

Hidden in plain sight in Minneapolis MN is the annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum at Augsburg College. Here is the link for the final three days of the Forum (The first day, Peace Day on Saturday, March 1, with the Dalai Lama, is sold out.) Now in its 26th year, the Forum annually calls attention […]

#846 – Dick Bernard: Why "I Breathe Union". The invisible but real long-term consequences for America symbolized by the VW vote.

After workers at the Chattanooga TN VW plant barely voted down the United Auto Workers a few days, I sent a message to my own mailing list. Part of that Feb. 17 message was this: “The vote doesn’t surprise me at all”. (The remainder of that message is at the end of this post; a […]

#845 – Dick Bernard: Edith Busch, another reminder of the enduring value called "Community"

(click to enlarge photos) Yesterday was Aunt Edith’s funeral. My post on February 14 as preliminary is here. It was an inspiring two days. Seven of we nieces and nephews made it to LaMoure (and skated part of the way home afterwards!) and in all about 40 or so attended a most appropriate funeral, and […]

#844 – Anne Dunn: A Minnesota Ojibwe Woman Remembers a 2003 March for Peace in Toulouse, France and "The Children's Fire"

On February 15, 2003, the day after Valentines Day, peacemakers began a march that encompassed the world in an international protest against war! In almost 800 cities in 60 countries from 12,000,000 to 15,000,000 people took to the streets with a collective purpose. At least one million marchers turned out in Britain, one million in […]

#843 – Dick Bernard: Valentine's Day 2014

(click to enlarge. Stella and Verena were on neighboring farms, perhaps first grade age, when this card was made and delivered about 1920 or so.) Today is Valentine’s Day. I wish you a good day today. For us, life has other plans, and the dinner we’d planned to have at a local restaurant is replaced […]

#842 – Dick Bernard: An Evening with the Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall; and watching a family wind down….

The “filing cabinet” on the Minnesota Orchestra Lockout is here. Thursday, February 11, 2014 We attended the first post-Lock Out Concert at Orchestra Hall on February 8, 2014. This was an evening of immense emotional energy, with the Orchestra led by the father of Orchestra Hall, Maestro-Emeritus Stanislaw Skrowaczewski. The entire program, eight pages, is […]