#838 – Dick Bernard: Poverty. Seeing Reality, and Consequences of Ignoring that Reality.

The below, above the postnote, was written Tuesday, January 28, before the Presidents State of the Union. The public relations battle around the State of the Union of the U.S., by far the richest country on earth*, will likely be around, in one way or another, America’s middle class, the haves and the have nots, […]

#837 – Peter Barus Remembers Meeting Pete Seeger, Twice

NOTE: Icon folk song composer and singer Pete Seeger passed away Monday at 94. For a common persons selection of Pete Seeger on film, check YouTube here Your own personal recollections and Comments about Pete Seeger are solicited. Peter Barus writes from Vermont Jan. 28: Dick, Pete Seeger is gone. Here’s something I wrote when […]

#836 – Dick Bernard: A Community Meeting

Tonight President Obama presents his State of the Union message to Congress. I will watch it. Here’s a preview. Sunday night my favorite blogger, a retired guy in Los Angeles, Alan, succinctly described the history of the State of the Union in the first few paragraphs of his six-days-a-week blog, Just Above Sunset. You can […]

#835 – Peter Barus: Syrian Peace Haggles.

Too infrequently, good friend Peter Barus weighs in on issues from his home in Vermont. Agree or disagree, his postings always make sense. Here’s his latest, about how negotiations work, as he learned it in West Africa, and how it is in many places, but not so much in the U.S. Peter always has interesting […]

#834 – Dick Bernard: The March 1 & 7-9, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Augsburg College, Minneapolis MN "Crossing Boundaries to Create Common Ground"

(click to enlarge photos) This year is the 26th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum, now permanently sited at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Link to enroll, and all of the promotional material for the Forum can be viewed here*. (This years Forum is sited at three different venues: Augsburg, the University of Minnesota, and the Minneapolis […]

#833 – Dick Bernard: The 2014 Minnesota Precinct Caucuses Feb 4.

Comments follow. Note also the Responses tab for additional comments. To find your own Precinct Caucus location in Minnesota, click here. In my state, Minnesota, the evening of Tues Feb. 4, it is Precinct Caucus night for Republicans and Democrats. In my Senate District, the Precinct Caucus will be at the local Tartan High School […]

#832 – Dick Bernard: Martin Luther King Day

Today there’s no school in Woodbury, and on Saturday my spouse said that grandson Ryan, 14, had expressed an interest in going to the film “Twelve Years a Slave“. I had a conflict Sunday afternoon, but suggested today, and if he’s still interested the three of us will probably be in the theatre this afternoon. […]

#831 – Dick Bernard: The Metrodome Deflates….

One previous post about the Minneapolis Metrodome is here. It was written on the occasion when the weight of snow tore a hole in the roof, and the cover collapsed. Yesterdays news in the Twin Cities seemed to be dominated by the deflation of the Metrodome, home since 1980 of the Minnesota Vikings and the […]

#830 – Dick Bernard: Dr. Joe Schwartzberg on Transforming the United Nations System, Designs for a Workable World.

UPDATE JAN 22, 2014: Dr. Schwartzberg has kindly provided the essence of his talk on January 16. You can read it here: Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg TRANSFORMING THE UN, Talk at St. Joan of Arc. Dr. Schwartzberg emphasizes this isn’t a script, more an outline of his remarks. UPDATES, including comments, will be added at the […]

#829 – Dick Bernard: "Return to Civility"

In my little corner of the universe, two topics dominated last week: 1) the 50th anniversary of President Johnson’s “War on Poverty” speech (Jan 8, 1964); and 2) Gov Chris Christie’s situation in New Jersey (top headline on front page of USA Today one day last week: “I am not a bully”). Neither poverty nor […]