#821 – Dick Bernard: A thought to help make a Happier New Year in 2014

My friend, Bruce, following up on the December 29 post on the Homeless Guy sent along a note with his own link earlier this evening, a “pay it forward” story: “It’s better to give than receive” here. It’s a neat story. About the same time, Molly sent along a neat Australian “flash mob” video, saying […]

#820 – Dick Bernard: The Homeless Guy

UPDATE: This commentary has several comments. They can be found both in the Responses section of this post, as well as directly below the content of the originating post. One of the last updates, from myself, includes a few paragraph comment made in in 1982 by the then-Director of Catholic Charities of St.Paul-Minneapolis, Monsignor Jerome […]

#819 – Dick Bernard: The Book Thief, book and movie, a recommendation

Yesterday we took our 14 year old grandson to see the film “The Book Thief”. All of us had read the book: Ryan, two years ago in 7th grade; ourselves, much more recently. We’d all recommend both the book, and the movie, still in theatres, certainly to come in assorted ways to your home. The […]

#818 – Dick Bernard: A Christmas Tree Decoration. Some thoughts about Christmas time.

Directly related posts to Christmas 2013 are linked here. Each year my spouse, Cathy, enjoys decorating our Christmas tree, and every year one of the first decorations up is one of the most plain, made by myself, some years before she and I even met. Here’s both sides of the decoration: (click to enlarge) I […]

#817 – Dick Bernard: The Eve of Peace as a real Possibility.

Yesterday as I leafed through the Minneapolis Star Tribune I noted the obituary of John Eisenhower, the son of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces at the end of WWII, and later two term President of the United States. John S.D. Eisenhower001 What especially drew my attention was this comment, made […]

#816 – Dick Bernard: A not-at-all-ordinary Christmas Gift.

Last Friday my friend Kathy gave me a plain unwrapped CD of Christmas season music: “Home for Christmas” by Susan Boyle. The CD is very good. That was expected. Susan Boyle is known to me. One of my first first blogs, mid-April, 2009, was about Susan Boyle’s appearance on the international scene. I saw the […]

#815 – Dick Bernard: What we did on our vacation: A not-so-ordinary Road Trip from North Dakota to California, 1941

“We did some visiting in North Dakota before we left for California…June 22, 1941 at Long Beach. The first time we had our family together for seven years, and also the last….” Merry Christmas! This blog quite naturally follows two previous blogs about 1940: here and here. UPDATE Dec. 24 post, also related. Today would […]

#814 – Dick Bernard: Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Windmill

As usual, I was lolly-gagging a bit behind the rest of the group as we toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin East near Spring Green WI on October 16. Like the rest of my species, picture-takers, whether rank amateur (me) or professional, we tend to fall behind because we see this or that that would make, […]

#813 – Dick Bernard: The Archbishop [possibly] takes a fall.

Related: my Oct 20 2013 post, here. For up to date information from the same basic source I’ll see about this situation, check the headlines here. I am writing this intentionally before reading anything other than yesterdays 2:40 p.m. Minneapolis Star Tribune headline “[St. Paul-Minneapolis] Archbishop Nienstedt denies inappropriately touching boy in ’09”. This was […]

#812 – Dick Bernard: The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra "Christmas Party"

The Musicians Website: here The “filing cabinet” for all previous posts about the Orchestra Lock-Out here. Sunday, we attended “A Tschaikovsky Spectacular, Eiji Oue Returns with Jon Kimura Parker, piano and the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra” at the Minneapolis Convention Center Auditorium. Here is the entire program for this marvelous event: Mn Orch Dec […]