#808 – Dick Bernard: Some thoughts on "Black Friday"

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was an especially good day. It included “An Interfaith Celebration of Thanksgiving” at Basilica of St. Mary co-officiated by Ministers of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, Plymouth Congregational Church, the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, the Imam of Masjid Al-Imam, the Rabbi of Temple Israel and, of course, Pastor of […]

#807 – Dick Bernard: A Happy Thanksgiving

Those who will take a moment to read this have a range of knowledge about who I am and what I’ve recently been about: from no knowledge at all onwards…. Two pieces of film sum up 2013 Thanksgiving for me. Last year, about this time, a friend sent me a 10 minute clip of film […]

#806 – Dick Bernard: Beginning the Crazy Circus about Negotiations with Iran.

Here is a sketch map of the environs of Iran, related to Minnesota: Iraq environs ca 2005001. I sketched this in 2005 during the Iraq war to give myself some context to Iraq and its region. This is a good time to reacquaint oneself (or get acquainted for the first time) with the geography of […]

#805 – Dick Bernard: The Kennedy-Johnson Years 1961-69: What did they mean to you?

COMMENTS as received to original post: from Jane Peck, Nov 23: I have been thinking about the explosion of the arts across Minnesota and the USA during the early 1960s. After hearing the speech JFK intended to give in Dallas I think I know why. He spends about 5 minutes explaining the crucial importance of […]

#804 – Dick Bernard: SOS Mn (Save Our Symphony MN) speaks out on day 415 of the Lockout of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Roughly 100 of us attended a most interesting and informative presentation earlier this evening. Presenters were from the recently formed organization SOS MN, Save Our Symphony MN. Mariellen Jacobson, MBA, Treasurer, and Johnathan Eisenberg, JD, Vice Chair presented a well produced power point presentation “The MOA Debacle: Unlocking the Truth”. The entire presentation is accessible […]

#803 – Dick Bernard: Letters remembering a War.

A number of years ago a friend of a friend started a Red Cross project she’d heard about somewhere. The goal was to send Holiday greetings to service men and women who may not get any mail from anybody. It was a worthwhile project, and when I learned about it, I volunteered. Today, I finished […]

#802 – Dick Bernard: Another Special Evening with the Minnesota Orchestra on the 411th Day of the Lockout.

Comments are at the end of this post Ninety years young Stanislas Skrowaczewski led a marvelous Minnesota Orchestra concert at the Ted Mann Theatre last night. Maestro led the Orchestra from 1960-79, and during his tenure the Orchestra changed its name from Minneapolis Symphony to Minnesota Orchestra, and Orchestra Hall was built in downtown Minneapolis. […]

#801 – Dick Bernard: Obamascares. The Insanity of it all.

Last night, while watching the Daily Blathers (some call it “evening news”; a good friend, yesterday, referred to it more precisely and accurately: “CBSNBCABCFOXCNN”), I set to the task of sorting through the paper flotsam and jetsam from my Uncle’s apartment in rural ND. Like tens of thousands of others, yesterday, and over time, I […]

#800 – Dick Bernard: Visiting home.

(click to enlarge) Early this morning I made a solitary drive out to the farm where my mother was born in 1909. I’d been up and down this driveway hundreds of times over the years, but this trip was different. The sky in the east was pink and I knew sunrise was close, but as […]

#799 – Dick Bernard: The case for World Citizenship.

UPDATE Dec 11, 2013: In early December, 2013, I asked Mr. Elling about the history of the document signed by Pres. Lyndon Johnson and Sec’y of State Dean Rusk in 1965. He recalled that it had originated within the Twin Cities community, particularly Stan Platt and others in business, like himself, and he was directly […]