#753 – Dick Bernard: "Communication"(?) in the 21st Century.

This week I upgraded my anti-virus program to include more bells and whistles, including asking it to check up my back-up file – the separate “file cabinet” that keeps a digital “copy” of whatever comes into, or is generated by, my computer. I had no idea what to expect. After two days, at about 4 […]

#752 – Dick Bernard: "Detroit". The Minnesota Orchestra as Metaphor

Minnesota Orchestra and Osmo Vanska February 3, 2013, performing a portion of their Grammy nominated performance, here. July 23 and 24 I did two posts related to “Detroit” (see them here and here.) I put “Detroit” in quotes, since the word itself has become a useful hate word, a label: “look at THEM, failures…” The […]

#751 – Dick Bernard: "Detroit", "leadership"

Yes, comments are solicited. After writing the post on Detroit, yesterday, my friend, Michelle, a community activist in my town, wrote some comments which I felt were very pertinent, among which was the following, with an important beginning caveat: Michelle: I don’t want people to think I put blame at the feet of the African […]

#750 – Dick Bernard: "Detroit"

MORE: See followup post July 24, 2013, here. For a long well-written summary of “Detroit” and (alternatively) “Pittsburgh”, check this. (I’ve been to Detroit several times between the 1960s and 1987; to Pittsburgh several times from the 1960s to 2011.) In yesterday’s e-mails came a long and hideous recitation of the problems in “Detroit”. It […]

#749 – Dick Bernard: Dr. Soren Kolstoe, naturalist, outdoorsman, poet.

A while ago I was researching answers to a 1957 North Dakota test for high school Juniors and Seniors about North Dakota History, Geography and Government. Reviewing a 1963 Geography text by Bernt L. Wills I found a number of poems about North Dakota outdoors written by Soren Kolstoe, a name familiar to me from […]

#748 – Dick Bernard: Two American Flags. What does the "United" in United States of America mean?

At the end of this post is the link to President Obama’s talk on the importance and implications of the Martin/Zimmerman case, and other links and comments. * July 6, enroute from Sykeston to Jamestown ND, I saw a huge American flag to the right, and a sign leading to Historic Ft. Seward just above […]

#747 – Anne Dunn: I have been told

Anne M. Dunn is a long-time and wonderful friend, an Anishinabe-Ojibwe grandmother storyteller and published author. She makes her home in rural Deer River, MN, on the Leech Lake Reservation. She can be reached at twigfigsATyahooDOTcom. She has three previous posts at Outside the Walls. You can read them all here. If you have an […]

#746 – Dick Bernard: The George Zimmerman case: An Action with Consequences, for Zimmerman, (and perhaps, even, Possibilility for something positive.)

UPDATE: This post, reposted on the Woodbury Patch, has thus far attracted 29 comments pro and con. * For anyone interested in a much longer summary of news after the George Zimmerman verdict Saturday, here is an interesting recap of reactions entitled “Insufficient Justice”. Yesterday, my friend, Greg, a retired Prosecutor, asked me if I […]

#745 – Dick Bernard: A quick visit to Valley City, Sykeston and rural LaMoure, North Dakota

I just spent four days and nearly 900 miles revisiting places of my roots in North Dakota. It seemed like a long trip, and it was, but then, last night, I watched the first part of the Ken Burns program on the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803-05. Piece of cake. This trip happened when […]

#744 – Dick Bernard: Some Proposals for this Fourth of July

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune has a good quiz to test your knowledge of the U.S. The column, including link to the test, is here. Today, July 4, is supposed to be a simple kind of day in the U.S. My daughter described it well: “grillin’ and chillin’”. This particular July 4 is a tad more […]