#716 – Dick Bernard: Syria

I have been watching the news, and very often the tragedy of Syria is front and center. I know a few Syrians, and I know they are in pain, and I know of the horrors of civil war, though I’ve never been through one. It has occurred to me that Syria has been too abstract […]

#715 – Dick Bernard: On growing Elder.

This afternoon, at the annual Heart of the Beast May Day Parade, the obvious salute at the end of the regular parade was to “Grandmas and Grandpas” (Click on photos to enlarge them) . It was an especially nice, and particularly pertinent, touch to a topic that has been much on my mind in recent […]

Dick Bernard: Thoughts on Sykeston High School at its Centennial

UPDATE: June 2, 2013: In this post, reference is made to a 100 question state-wide test on North Dakota taken by the author at Sykeston High School in 1957. A post specifically about the test, including an answer key and more related information is here. The May 9 post also includes two assessments of the […]

#714 – Dick Bernard: The Youngers restore my hope.

Today was the 10th annual Diversity Day at Jefferson High School in Bloomington MN. I’ve been to the last six. Today did not have the annual outdoor fun-run between Jefferson and rival Kennedy due to inclement weather. Snow in May is not impossible here, but it is unusual. It was unpleasant enough to force most […]

#713 – Dick Bernard: Some thoughts after World Law Day, May 1, 2013

About 40 of us gathered at the Gandhi Mahal Retaurant last evening, May 1, to Reflect On World Peace Through Law. The event was one of those that just came together; in this case, less than three weeks. Law Day has been a part of the American tradition since at least 1958, when President Eisenhower […]