#726 – Dick Bernard: A Most UNholy Trinity

NOTE to regular readers at this space: there are some interesting responses at the end of the post on 42, here. Last Sunday was the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity in the Catholic Church. I’m lifelong Catholic, and as usual I was at Mass at Basilica last Sunday. (For those interested, the readings were: […]

#725 – Dick Bernard: Sheroes

May 20 a massive tornado devastated Moore OK. Two elementary schools were in the path of the tornado, and in the wake of the storm the heroism of school employees in shielding their children was deservedly high-lited. The same thing occurred in the wake of the horrific Newtown CT carnage in December, 2012. There, too, […]

#724 – Dick Bernard: Memorial Day

“I decided to ask about the flag. The first person, a receptionist answering the phone, had no idea why the flag was there; the person to which I was first referred had no idea either. The third person I talked to said the flag had been there for years, and had been put up in […]

#723 – Dick Bernard: 42

Yesterday we went to the film “42“, based on the true story of Jackie Robinson’s breaking the color-line in major league baseball in 1947. Eighth grade grandson, Ryan, who enjoys baseball went along, and approved. We’d highly recommend the film to anyone. Twin Cities showtimes are readily accessible here. If not from this area, simply […]

#722 – Dick Bernard: President Obama's May 23 Speech on National Security, a day later

I wrote before the speech yesterday. That story is accessible here. The video and transcript of President Obama’s speech are both now accessible here. In my opinion, his speech, yesterday, was of far more than normal importance, and how the body politic deals with the abundant messages, long term, is of great importance to our […]

#721 – Dick Bernard: Drones, etc. Todays President Obama speech on U.S. Security Policy

UPDATE 4 p.m. CDT: Here are the printed remarks given by President Obama today. Apparently there was no live video. * On occasion – this is one of those occasions – I deliberately do a post before some kind of major action which can be anticipated. This morning, perhaps even as I write (9:40 a.m. […]

#720 – Dick Bernard: "ah one and ah two…"

THE TORNADO IN OKLAHOMA: While preparing this blogpost, word came of the tragic tornado most affecting Moore, OK. It caused me to recall another tornado which for some reason I’ve always remembered, the Fargo Tornado June 20, 1957003. See photo at the end of this post. In times like these thoughts always go to a […]

#719 – Dick Bernard: A Right long denied, finally granted.

Back in 2000, my college, Valley City State University, endeavored to publish an Alumni Directory. To my knowledge, this was a first time venture for our institution, and when the opportunity to participate came, I, and a lot of other folks took the risk of spending a few dollars, and revealing a little bit about […]

#718 – Dick Bernard: Flowers at the Ramsey County Workhouse

A couple of years ago, Kellee, who is one of my favorite (tongue firmly in cheek) “bloodletters” at the Woodbury branch of Memorial Blood Centers, told me about the spring time flower sale at the Ramsey County Correctional Facility at Lower Afton and Century Ave in nearby Maplewood, a couple of miles south of 3M […]

#717 – Dick Bernard: A 1957 Social Studies Test; and a look back to the future in North Dakota

UPDATE MAY 23, 2013: In the third paragraph, below, is a 100 question test I took in 1957. Scroll down to the UPDATE continuation following the original post, and you will find the Answer Key which I prepared, to the best of my limited ability. If interested, first take the test, then compare your answers […]