#712 – Dick Bernard: Office of the President

Tonight I was at the meeting where my wife, Cathy, completed the last of many terms as our Homeowners Association President, and before that on this Association Board, and another before that. She left the Board only because she’d done more than her fair share over many years. There was no competitor, and no one […]

#711 – Dick Bernard: Disabling the Winning Formula, working to change the usual conversation

Last Friday my second post about the aftermath of the Boston Marathon came shortly after the identity of the suspects in the bombings were given faces and names. Subsequent there have been tens of thousands of words about, especially, the one surviving suspect in the case, a true-blue young “Caucasian” (white, in other words), from […]

#710 – Dick Bernard: "The First Rough Draft of History"

UPDATE April 20 5:30 a.m.: This overnite post from Just Above Sunset sums the situation in Boston and America as well as anything I’ve read. It is long, but well worth reading. Just Above Sunset, by a blogger in Hollywood, is always worth reading. * Back in the summer of 1997, I was visiting the […]

#709 – Dick Bernard: The Boston Marathon

Yesterday morning, before 9 a.m., I was at the gym exercising at my usual place. Behind me, visible in the mirror, were two women, exercising beside each other and quite loudly chatting. One of them mentioned to the other that her husband was in Boston, running the Marathon, checking in from time to time. A […]

#708 – Dick Bernard: Reflecting as I Relaunch

I first published at this space on March 25, 2009, four years and now-708 posts ago. If you do the math, that’s about one post every two days – far more than I ever anticipated. Lately, there’s been a lull in the action: 7 posts in the last 30 days; one for every four. The […]

#707 – Dick Bernard: The Gun Issue. It's time….

UPDATES at end of post. For other posts on the issue, simply place the word “guns” in the search box. There have also been many comments to the same post at Woodbury Patch here This mornings Minneapolis Star Tribune had a very powerful full page pictorial editorial on the Gun Issue. Here’s the article, and […]

#706 – Dick Bernard: Meeting the Space Age, up close

I suppose the space age began for me sometime in late October or November, 1957. We were visiting my grandparents at their farm in south central North Dakota, and the Fargo Forum had published the expected track of the Russian satellite Sputnik, which had been launched October 4, 1957, igniting the space race and intensifying […]