#686 – Dick Bernard: Going to listen to Al Gore on "The Future. Six Drivers of Global Change"

Al Gore was in Minneapolis on Thursday, and while I’ve been to lots of speeches, including by Mr. Gore, and didn’t really need to go, there is something that draws me to such events. I got to Westminster Presbyterian Church an hour early, but turned out to be a half-hour late: I got a seat, […]

#685 – Dick Bernard: An e-mail from Vanuatu: Changing Communications Means…and the potential threats therein

My sister, Mary Ann, decided to begin her retirement years by taking her skills as Nurse Practitioner to the Peace Corps. Since early October she’s been in the south Pacific island country of Vanuatu, a remote place east of Australia that I had never heard of. Since November 10, 2012, I’ve been sharing her experiences […]

#684 – Dick Bernard: Towards a rational conversation about guns and need for their regulation….

UPDATE February 11, 2013: February 8 I posted a very brief survey to 46 persons on my long standing peace and justice mailing list. The survey was about Guns. Ultimately, 23 responded to the questions, and the entire compilation can be read here: Gun Survey Feb 82013R1. I was surprised both by the number of […]

#683 – Dick Bernard: The Cost of Fear; the Power of Speaking Out.

Yesterday I was at a local restaurant having a cup of coffee, and writing some letters. It’s a very ordinary activity for me. For some reason, I ‘ve always worked best where there’s some hubbub around. At the next table, very close by, four men, obviously friends, and probably in their 50s, were conversing about […]