#696 – Dick Bernard: Pope's remembered

Today, Pope Benedict XVI officially resigns, the first Pope to do so in hundreds of years. It was a wise decision, and hopefully a good precedent to be followed in future years. The official (church approved) story of Benedict XVI was this handout, which was available at Basilica of St. Mary last Sunday: Pope Benedict […]

#695 – Dick Bernard: Mike, VCSTC's Mr. Moore and a lesson in Civics and Freedom of Speech; and the problem of "Judging a book by its cover".

I met Mike when he was about 14 years old. He was my new girlfriend, Barbara’s, brother, 4 years younger than she. I don’t remember much about him then. Their younger brother, David, then 4 or so, more sticks in my mind. He was a really nice little kid. This would have been about 1961, […]

#694 – Dick Bernard: Guns, yet again.

Recently, it seems, I’m fixated on Guns. Mebbe so. It is an important topic. (Additional recent posts at Feb. 3 and Feb. 19, 2013) I’m an active blogger; this is #694 since March, 2009. Put the letters “Guns” in the search box, and up pop 27 blogposts which apparently use the letters “guns” somewhere within […]

#693 – Dick Bernard: Dan Moriarty, Substitute Teacher, and teacher in so many ways who "ate his Spinach"

UPDATE 7:00 p.m. February 22: Dan’s funeral was very fitting of his rich life. Here is the program for the funeral, on page four you’ll find Dan’s biography: Dan Moriarty Program 001. Here is a Facebook album of some photos taken at the Funeral today. This morning I plan to attend the celebration of the […]

Leila Whitinger: Remembering Valley City (ND) State Teachers College

Leila’s reminiscences are a part of a series of recollections about the place we called “STC” back in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The originating post is found here, at January 2, 2013. (click on photos to enlarge) Memories of Valley City State Teachers College By Leila Whitinger, B.S. 1963 I attended VCSTC from […]

#692 – "Sahn Pahl", some points of view on pronunciation of French words

A fellow Franco-American, Jerry Foley, sent around an interesting letter from a Quebec visitor which he saw in the February 11, 2013, St. Paul Pioneer Press, entitled Sahn Pahl. Several of us, all with an interest in the general topic of being of French ancestry, or speaking or familiar with the language, weighed in with […]

#691 – Dick Bernard: Towards a Rational Conversation About Guns, continued

UPDATE Feb. 24, 2012: Brief comments and photos from today at State Capitol at the end of this post. February 3 I published a post about Guns. You can find it here, with an important update on February 11. An additional update was published on February 23, here. Last night came an e-mail announcing hearings […]

#690 – Dick Bernard: The run-up to the Iraq War, 10 Years ago.

Early today a friend sent a link to a commentary about massive world-wide demonstrations against the pending War against Iraq on February 15, 2003. It brought back memories of those times for me. There was a big march in Minneapolis (photos included in this post) in which I participated. (click to enlarge) The actual bombing […]

#689 – Dick Bernard: 55-54, Five OT's….

Now and then we go to watch 8th grader Ryan and his B-squad teammates play basketball. We’ve done this since he started in Woodbury Athletic Association (WAA) a few years ago. Odds are that we haven’t watched a future State All-Star in any of these years. These are kids who like to play basketball, and […]

#687 – Dick Bernard: "Sykes High, oh Sykes High School of Dreams Come True…."

Note to reader: Note: There are six other posts about Sykeston: There are several other post I have done about Sykeston: May 4 (the main article): Thoughts on Sykeston High School at its Centennial May 9 A 1957 Social Studies Test June 12 Remembering Sykeston in late 1940s June 28 Snapshots in History of Sykeston […]