#671 – Dick Bernard: New Years Eve, 2012. Reprise on The Fiscal Cliff, the Debt Limit and Other Things

I wrote about this general issue a few days ago. Here is that post. A few days ago I predicted to a good friend that by tonight the Congress would figure out some way to come to an agreement on their differences and reach a settlement that could be signed by the President. Such a […]

#670 – Dick Bernard: "The Fiscal Cliff", "the Debt Limit" and the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

Today seems to be a good time to transmit that document that is often referred to, often interpreted and seldom read, much less understood, by we, the people: the Constitution of the United States. Here is that Constitution, including the XXVII (27) Amendments: Constitution of U.S.001. (For those whose fantasy is amending the Constitution for […]

#669 – Dick Bernard: Christmas Day 2012 Joyeux Noel

Recently, on one of my forays through the flotsam and jetsam of paper in my life, I came across some unused Christmas cards from days gone by. These cards had text in French: “Joyeux Noel. Bonne et Heureuse Annee”, and all were from “Coll. Oratoire Saint-Joseph”, ca 1980s, the most recent 1991. It took little […]

#668 – Dick Bernard: Dad's Birthday

Twenty-five years ago today, December 22, 1987, my Dad celebrated his 80th birthday. Being Dad, it became a particularly special event, worthy of note this day. As I recall, my sister, Flo, and I had taken the trip from Minnesota to Dad’s new home at Our Lady of the Snows, overlooking the Mississippi River Valley […]

#667 – Dick Bernard: Today

(click to enlarge) Supposedly today is the end of it all, at least the Mayan calendar ends. So it’s been good knowin’ yah, until/unless we meet again. If it isn’t over today, Nostradamus and the Masonic Cross seem to indicate by the end of 2012 it will be all over, so perhaps there are a […]

#666 – Dick Bernard: Newtown, to those who'd like to help change the conversation about Guns in America

If you’re interested in making a difference in this guns-in-America conversation, here are some thoughts: Yes, it is Christmas time, and preparations take center stage such as each of us prepare for our own family rituals at this season. Christmas is often a confusing time, desperately depressing for many, far too much ‘noise’ and competing […]

#665 – Dick Bernard: When will we learn? Thoughts immediately after Newtown CT

Friday morning we took a quick trip over to an area shopping mall to watch our 7th grade grandsons school band do a half hour mall concert. I’m always proud watching kids perform, and watching the teachers work their magic with those kids, and this concert was no exception. This band was a unit, playing […]

#664 – Anne Dunn: Pe'Sla

Anne M Dunn lives in northern Minnesota and has two earlier posts at Outside The Walls. You can read them here and here. For those of us not aware, Pe’Sla refers to a portion of what most call the Black Hills of South Dakota. Heart of the Heart It seems strange that an Indigenous Nation […]

#663 – Dick Bernard: Dr. William Beeman "The Consequences of the U.S. Election on our Relationship with Iran"

Today at the annual meeting of the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers (MAP) about 60 of us heard a fascinating talk by Dr. William Beeman of the University of Minnesota on Iran. He is a man of diverse talents, including academic. Dr. Beeman is recuperating from a recent surgery but that didn’t deter his presentation. He […]

#662 – Dick Bernard: Pearl Harbor Day one day after.

Yesterday, December 7, was Pearl Harbor Day. Much of the day I was out-and-about. Dad’s brother, my uncle Frank, died on the USS Arizona that day, and especially since the 50th anniversary, 1991, it’s been a very significant date for me. I visited the Arizona Memorial in November, 1985, Frank’s burial place literally underneath my […]