#659 – Dick Bernard: "Black Friday" and "the Fiscal Cliff"

A week ago today, Black Friday was raging. Actually, it began on Thanksgiving Day, and if one carries it even further, I first heard Christmas (shopping) music at my coffee stop right after November 1. (click to enlarge) Christmas in America is not so much a celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace; […]

#658 -Bob Barkley: Teaching as a Team Sport: Thoughts after the Chicago Teachers Strike (Sep 10-19, 2012); and What I've learned so far (as of Nov. 19, 2012)

Pre-Note: This post has been held for some time, with precedence given to Election 2012. The topic of Public Education is timeless and crucial. Bob Barkley has very strong “street creds” in public education, from beginning public school teaching in 1958, through years of Quality Ed work within the National Education Association, through Executive Director […]

#657 – Dick Bernard: Watching the Spielberg film, Lincoln.

We went to Lincoln this afternoon. It was our second try. Last night was sold out at the local theatre. Today, the theatre was full. The film, of the last three months of Lincoln’s life, and the passage of the 13th Amendment, is well worth the abundant kudos. It is worth seeing. Here’s one of […]

#656 – Dick Bernard: A School Band Concert, Memories

Happy Thanksgiving! Tuesday evening we took the short drive across the Mississippi River to neighboring South St. Paul. The occasion was the Middle and High School Fall Bands Concert, in which one of our grandkids, 7th grader Ted, was a participant, and even a soloist! Truth be told, I almost forgot about the event. We […]

#655 – Dick Bernard: Ken Burns on PBS: The Dust Bowl, part two

I wrote about the first segment of Ken Burns The Dust Bowl here. Part Two, last evening, was equally compelling. You can watch both part one and two here. Together, the two segments total nearly four hours. They are available on-line through December 4. They are well worth your time. And they provide lots of […]

#654 – Dick Bernard: The Dust Bowl

Sunday evening we watched part one of Ken Burns’ latest photo-documentary: the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. I’d urge everyone to watch this series, which is playing on public broadcasting around the nation. You can watch the program online here, but only through Monday, November 19. Consult your local listing regarding part two. Born in […]

#653 – Dick Bernard: Thoughts on being "for" or "with", rather than "against".

Nov. 14 I had the great honor of being on stage with five students at Great River School in St. Paul MN. Paving the way for me was my dear friend, Melvin Giles, peacemaker par excellence whose mission, quite succinctly, is “bubbles instead of bullets” in the pursuit of peace. (click on photos to enlarge) […]

#652 – Dick Bernard: Thoughts Towards a Better World

(click on photos to enlarge them) When I initiated this blog site in 2009 I chose to call it “Thoughts Towards a Better World”, since my interest was in a future which would be a positive legacy to my grandchildren and all of their cohort on the planet earth. Often, I will admit, this seems […]

#651 – Dick Bernard: An American Hymn on Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 2012

Today I ushered at 9:30 Mass at Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. We had run out of the bulletins which contain hymns for the day and thus, as Communion was being completed, I was surprised when the magnificent Basilica Choir began to sing “O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain….” Usually, […]

#650 – Dick Bernard: Mary Ann Goes to Vanuatu.

UPDATE April 5, 2015: It has been almost a year since the last update. Recently Vanuatu was hit by a major cyclone. Mary Ann (at home in suburban Rochester NY) sent a note and the following pieces of information from Vanuatu about the cylone and its aftermath. Pam’s visit. Also: Butterfly Trust Cyclone Pam Update_31 […]