#635 – Dick Bernard: An evening of resonance in the midst of dissonance with the LoMoMo (Locked out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra) and Maestro Stanislaw Skrowaczewski

UPDATE: October 20, 2012. Page E1 of Variety Section of Minneapolis Star Tribune by Larry Fuchsberg, here. (click to enlarge all photos) The musicians union website is here; e-address contact@MinnesotaOrchestraMusiciansDOTorg. To the best of my recollection, this is the first time I’ve published two blog posts on the same day. (#634 is below, on this […]

#634 – Dick Bernard: Supporting the Locked-out Minnesota Orchestra Musicians Union

Tonight we go to a special concert given by the locked out Minnesota Orchestra. The details of the concert are here. You likely still have an opportunity to attend this concert. At the very least, become aware of the issues in this most important attempt to break the back of a proud union of outstanding […]