#614 – Dick Bernard: The Summer of 1920

Several photos are at the end of this post. Click on any to enlarge them. A conversation, a letter, and a visit to three ladies this summer brought to the surface some long ago memories, worth sharing. Best I know, 1920 in North Dakota was a pretty ordinary year for farmers on the prairie. The […]

#613 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #39. A Parade: why I walked with JoAnn Ward in Woodbury Days on Sunday.

Sunday I walked in the Woodbury Days Parade with/for JoAnn Ward, local (District 53A) candidate for Minnesota State Legislature. We were unit 48 of (I understand) over 120 units in this very long parade in the middle of a pretty sultry day. Speaking for myself, I’d rather be many places other than on display in […]

#612 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #38. Joe Biden, Pat Kessler and Niall Ferguson

Today, I decided to attend the Vice President Joe Biden event at the Depot in Minneapolis. I’ve attended these kinds of events before, so I knew exactly what to expect. It took an hour out of yesterday to pick up the ticket, then four hours today to drive over, stand in line, stand inside waiting […]

#611 – Dick Bernard: A couple of Union Reunions

Friday evening, enroute home from a trip to my home state of North Dakota, I stopped at a freeway restaurant for a cup of coffee with a retired teacher friend from Anoka-Hennepin Education Association days. Kathy gave me the below photo, and asked if I would scan it for her. It wasn’t labeled (a usual […]

Le Vent du Nord, September 29, 2012, Minneapolis MN

UPDATE Sep 12, 2012: Here’s an interesting hour segment of the radio program Bonjour Minnesota for Sep 11, 2012, including several Le Vent du Nord numbers. Date/Time: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 29, 2012 Venue: DeLaSalle High School, Nicollet Island, 1 DeLaSalle Drive, Minneapolis MN 55401 Parking: see Franco-Fete site (below). Cost: $25 per person as […]

#610 – Dick Bernard: The Dakota Conflict (the so-called Indian War, or Sioux Outbreak, of 1862-63)

UPDATE August 18, 2012: Here is a note about this ten-part series in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune: “LEARN MORE: This series “In the Footsteps of Little Crow,” can be downloaded in a 10-chapter e-book for Apple, Kindle and Nook e-readers startribune.com/ebooks. Miss an installment? Find the entire series, plus photo galleries and video, at startribune.com/dakota. […]

#609 – Dick Bernard: French HORNswoggled

This is about a wonderful French Horn concert I attended on August 6 in St. Paul. (click on photos to enlarge) To my knowledge, “hornswoggle” (syn: bamboozled, etc) has absolutely nothing to do with French horns , but I just couldn’t get the word out of my mind as I remembered a delightful evening. I’ve […]

#608 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #37. The Minnesota Primary Election, and Romney's VP Choice.

We woke this morning to the announcement that Mitt Romney has picked Paul Ryan as his VP-designate. More on that at the end of this post. The more important and immediate issue is the Minnesota Primary Election which is Tuesday, August 14 – that’s three days from now. All of the information is accessible here. […]

#607 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #36. Personal Responsibility

Thank you for stopping by. Evidence is that an important Election is coming soon. The first lawn signs are sprouting along our streets. Important parts of local parades are political units supporting candidates. Etc. The Minnesota Primary Election is next Tuesday, August 14. (Is there one in your town? Here’s where to start.) Three months […]

#606 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #35. Speaking as a Liberal

In yesterday’s post about Hubert Humphrey, with a quotation from President Kennedy, I defined the word “liberal” from a liberals point of view. I’m liberal, probably always have been, but as I said to the same friend who gave me the Kennedy quote yesterday, liberals, including myself, in many ways are the most conservative people […]