#546 – Dick Bernard: BULLIED. Jamie Nabozny and a panel of experts: A unique opportunity to learn about the issue of Bullying. Saturday evening, April 28, in Roseville MN.

The issue of Bullying has been a very high profile one recently. Here is a unique opportunity to learn more. Saturday, April 28, 7 p.m. at St. Michael’s Church in Roseville MN (map here), there will be a unique opportunity to hear not only from a nationally known speaker on the issue of bullying, Jamie […]

#545 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #6. Continuing #4 Voter Suppression Amendment

(#4 is here.) Tuesday I was at the Capitol to deliver personal letters in opposition to Voter Suppression as embodied in HF 2738. Enroute there I stopped at the office of the Secretary of State and picked up a Voter Registration form, which is here: MN Voter Registration001 Print out this form, get to know […]

#544 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #5. Health Insurance responsibility for all?

UPDATE March 29, 2012: If you are interested in the ‘national health care’ issue, “My favorite blogger” (see below) has perhaps 10,000 words of summary about the three day circus surrounding the Supreme Court earlier this week (A normal newspaper column is perhaps 600-700 words. My comments below are about 500 words). I’d appreciate your […]

#543 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #4. "The Vote is the most powerful instrument; the most powerful nonviolent tool in a democratic society." Cong. John Lewis

Sunday night, March 25, we tuned in on the new PBS series entitled “Finding Your Roots”, where historian Henry Louis Gates explores roots with prominent citizens. We watched the episode featuring political leaders Newark NJ Mayor Cory Booker and GA Cong. John Lewis, and at approximately the 42 minute mark of the program, Lewis made […]

#542 – Dick Bernard: Sunday noon Mass at St. Boniface, Minnepolis. Messe en Francais

We went to a most uplifting Catholic Mass today. If one went by this photo from the choir loft at the beautiful Church of St. Boniface on Sunday, the Church was nearly empty. It is, after all a large church. (click to enlarge the photos) But if you could add sound, and be sitting up […]

#541 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #3. A blizzard of insanity: the internet Lie machine.

The ‘ink’ had not even dried on Election 2012 #1 when in came a “forward”, containing a piece of video purportedly proving that President Obama was born in Kenya. There he was, on videotape, President Obama himself, saying he was Kenyan at a public meeting with real people who looked like normal white people. They […]

#540 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #2 Looking in on Voter ID

More important information on this issue in MN: Our Voices Count MN, and League of Women Voters of MN. Election 2012 #1 is here. Through the day, today, from a number of sources, I heard a request to show up at the state Capitol on the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment proposal, possibly reaching a vote […]

#539 – Dick Bernard: Thinking about Peace, near a vigil against War

Today, March 19, is a tragic anniversary. As my friend, Wayne Wittman, of Veterans for Peace put it: “On March 19, 2003, after a terrific bombardment called “Shock and Awe” we and the other nations we could coax to join us launched an invasion of the sovereign independent Nation of Iraq.” Our Conductors of War […]

#538 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #1 "The Road We've Traveled"

For subsequent posts on the topic of the upcoming election: simply enter Election 2012 in search box. Election 2012 #2 is here. This morning I watched the new 17-minute video recently released by the President Obama Reelection Campaign. It is here. Whatever your preconception of the President (I have huge respect for him and what […]

#537 – Dick Bernard: Spring "Yard Work"

Today, being a late April day (albeit in the middle of March), with all the snow gone, a short sleeve day and all, seemed a good day to begin the annual housekeeping trek along my walking route which ends on the north side of Carver Lake. Helpfully, one of those small plastic buckets, about a […]