#526 – Paul Miller and Dick Bernard: Haiti, remembering eight years ago

About this time of year in 2002, Paul Miller and I met each other at a meeting, and we learned we lived in the same community. Paul was already active in the cause of Justice for Haiti, and over the coming months he began to urge me to visit the island Republic with him. It […]

#525 – Dick Bernard: Congresswoman Betty McCollum pays a visit to Woodbury

About 60 of us dropped by Woodbury’s indoor City Park Saturday morning to meet Congresswoman Betty McCollum, whose 4th Congressional District moves to the east in January, 2013. Of course, during this time of transition, my town remains in Cong. Bachmann’s district until January, but all candidates for all elective offices need to become acquainted […]

#524 – Dick Bernard: Birthdays and Memories.

Today is one of those Birth Days in my family circle. It is unusual in that there are three today: Oldest son, Tom; spouse, Cathy; daughter-in-law Robin all begin a new year in their respective histories. Tom was born less than three weeks after the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan ‘shew’, February 9, 1964. […]

#522 – Dick Bernard: After Ash Wednesday, 2012

Wednesday noon we attended Ash Wednesday service at the local Catholic Church, and that afternoon I walked around with ashes on my forehead (“dirt” as the Priest described it), not making a particular statement with it. It’s the one time of the year when you can sort of figure out who might be Catholic. Back […]

#521 – Dick Bernard: Redistricting (Redistricted) Minnesota

There will be endless political verbiage about the new Minnesota political map, released yesterday. The implications depend on where you live, what your political leanings are, or who you like, politically. (In some places there will be an incumbent Republican (or Democrat) against another incumbent from the same political party.) It will be a very […]

#520 – Dick Bernard: A Million Copies

Sometimes, something is just too good to wait. This morning I had the opportunity to re-union in St. Paul with Marion Brady. Marion and I were long time members of a quality education e-list maintained by the National Education Association (NEA). We “met” on-line in the mid-1990s, and had only seen each other in person […]

#519 – Dick Bernard: The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Forum at Augsburg College, Minneapolis

Tuesday I was privileged to attend a preview of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Forum at Augsburg College, Minneapolis MN. All I can say is “be there”. And if you plan to be there, enroll now. I will be surprised if there is room for walk-ins the days of the Conference, March 1-3. All details […]

#518 – Dick Bernard: The Ask.

A day or so ago I answered the phone and a little-person voice announced herself as “Susie”. Susie? I thought it was a misdial. Then her mother came on, and I learned that I was talking to granddaughter Lucy, all irrepressible five years of her. Her sisters, Girl Scouts, had convinced her to call us […]

#517 – Dick Bernard: Why I don't quit the Catholic Church

Each time I express an irritation with the Catholic Church, a few friends will write, in assorted ways, “why not just leave?” I always answer in assorted versions of “you can’t change an organization from the outside. You have to slog away within the system.” Plus, except for the hierarchy, whose clear obsession is temporal […]