#483 – Dick Bernard: Political Communication, awash in lies of every sort.

In the very recent past an incident at University of California at Davis (UCD) went viral. A policeman was filmed from many angles pepper-spraying students doing a sit-in on campus in support of the Occupy movement. I have a good friend who has lived in Davis for over 30 years and he presumably knows his […]

#482 – Dick Bernard: The Can Lady and other park stories

I’m an addictive walker, and when I moved to this suburb 11 years ago one of the first priorities was to find a good walking route. Windwood Passage and Carver Lake paths filled the bill nicely then, and still do. Two and a half miles each and every day (except when ice and snow drive […]

#481 – Dick Bernard: Thanksgiving 2011: An old car and family ties

My family letter for this Thanksgiving included this photo, and the content which follows. This began with a very recent correspondence with my relative JoAnn, who I’ve never met in person, and who had sent me the photo with a request to help identify the date it was taken. (click on photo to enlarge) “As […]

#480 – Dick Bernard: Hon. Lloyd Axworthy on The Responsibility to Protect, et al

UPDATE Nov. 29, 2011: A video of Dr. Axworthy’s talk is accessible here. (It will take a short while to load as it is a long presentation.) How does one recap nearly 50 years of a career in public service presented in under two hours? How does one recap that two hours in 700 words […]

#479 – Dick Bernard: A chance encounter with James Quentin Young, a creator of religious art

Sunday, while doing my ’rounds’ as an usher at Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis I happened to notice a piece of religious sculpture on the wall (click to enlarge photos). (Photos of all of the art on exhibit can be seen here, and are posted with the permission of the artist.) The creation was […]

#478 – Dick Bernard: The Greatest Generation, the Boomers, Millenials and all that.

Sunday afternoon, after the Vikings lost, I watched the endless rerun about the coming end of the world on the History Channel. For those who’ve missed it, the end is scheduled for December 21, 2012. All that is certain is the date: exactly what, or who goes where, is open for endless debate. Idle speculation […]

#477 – Dick Bernard: Grover Norquist

Tonights edition of 60 Minutes on CBS had a segment about anti-tax guru Grover Norquist. The segment is accessible here. It is well worth watching. Norquist is an immensely powerful non-elected actor in national tax policy. He claims to represent the consensus of anti-tax Americans, and his record shows in the the composition of the […]

#476 – Dick Bernard: An extra special evening with Old Soldiers at the Minneapolis MN Veterans Home

Related post here. My cousin, Mary Busch, alerted us to an appearance of the Minnesota State Band at the Minnesota Veteran’s Home near Minnehaha Falls on Wednesday evening, November 16. Mary is in the band (French horn, far right in below photo), as is her friend Bob Stryk (bass clarinet). We’d never been to a […]

#475 – Dick Bernard: The Occupy Movement (OWS), Move to Amend, and organizing generally: "There ain’t no power like the power of the people, like the power of the people, say WHAT?" "There ain’t no power…."

Related post here. Today is the two-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). This writer urges that the movement build on its initial success by changing tactics. Pre-Comment from William in east suburban St. Paul: “Dick, this OWS may be cathartic for the demonstrators but will not have any lasting effect unless it results in […]

#474 – Dick Bernard: American Education Week

This week is the annual observance of American Education Week (AEW), and today is Parents Day. Lots of information about this week dedicated to the approximately one of six Americans who either attend or work in schools can be found here. Note links, including a history of the week, under American Education Week on the […]