#464 – Rev. Dr. James Gertmenian sermon: A Culture of Contempt

NOTE FROM DICK BERNARD: An advantage of having even a small network to communicate with is the ever present, and increased, possibility of a nugget dropping in unannounced and unexpected. Such is the October 16, 2011, sermon “A Culture of Contempt” of Rev. Dr. James Gertmenian, pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church in Minneapolis. Rev. Gertmenian’s […]

#463 – Dick Bernard: Visiting My Minnesota DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor) Party

When I made the decision to create this blog two and a half years ago, I had to decide how to label myself. It was not a difficult choice: “moderate pragmatic Democrat” is what I called myself then, and I’ve not seen any reason to change the label. Each word, of course, carries its own […]

#462 – Melvin Berning: Heritage. On Plowing before the advent of Tractors.

COMMENTS AT THE END OF THIS POST, as well as a photo of the Busch farm in the summer of 1907, soon after the sod-busting of 1905: Previous Heritage postings: here, here and here. “One had to be impressed with the silence. All you could hear was the jingle and creaking of the harness and […]

#461 – Dick Bernard: Two Trains Running

Last night we attended August Wilson’s play, Two Trains Running, at St. Paul’s Penumbra Theatre. It is a play first performed in the late 1980s, and set in the 1969 African-American community of the Hill District in Pittsburgh. The Penumbra engagement runs through Sunday, October 30. (click on photo to enlarge) Two Trains Running is […]

#460 -Dick Bernard: Clueless at the Top

Last week I had the time to act on a long avoided task. I took on our long neglected bookshelves. Among the collected works that caught my eye was a book I had purchased in 2005, “Clueless at the Top, While the Rest of Us Turn Elsewhere for Life, Liberty and Happiness” by Charlotte and […]

#459 -Dick Bernard: Heritage. Michif Language and Music; Haitian Family Story and Food. Thoughts of Booyah and Culture, generally.

An October theme for this writer came to be the topic of Heritage. Previous posts on this topic are here and here and here. October 18, found me in a classroom with multi-cultural students of French at Macalester College in St. Paul MN. We were listening to Professor of French and French in America scholar […]

#458 – Dick Bernard: The Vikings Stadium

If you live in Minnesota or vicinity, and you give even the tiniest bit of attention to news, you will know that THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS NEED A NEW STADIUM (or so they claim). What is more real is that they WANT a Stadium. MN Gov. Mark Dayton has called for a Special Session of the […]

#457 – Dick Bernard: Newly released book "FOOL ME TWICE. FIGHTING the ASSAULT on SCIENCE in AMERICA" by Shawn Lawrence Otto

Judging by the response last evening, this new book by Shawn Otto – its title describes it well – will not only be worth the read, but will provide a very useful springboard for informed discussion. And there is a great need for informed discussion. Acknowledgment: while I have the book, I just purchased it […]

#456 – Dick Bernard: Who's Rolling in Dough?

Recently House of Representatives Whip Eric Cantor admitted that there is a problem with the disequity in wealth in this country. The brief commentary, here, is worth reading. Probably a more honest assessment of who has, and who deserves, and how they get what, was this letter to the editor in yesterday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune. […]

#455 – Dick Bernard: A Decade of Difference. A concert celebrating ten years of the William J. Clinton Foundation.

This entire program is accessible here. In all, the program is nearly four hours, but worth a watch.