#435 – Dick Bernard: But/And

Directly related posts here; here; and here. Tuesday night I was invited to a closing event of a well known program of Landmark Education, a world wide and well known personal improvement program. I’m well acquainted with Landmark Education, having taken much of their curriculum 13 years ago. The event was an evening very well […]

#434 – Barry Riesch: Reflections on 9-11

Note from Dick Bernard: I know Barry Riesch from nine years involvement with the Minnesota chapter of the national organization Veterans for Peace. Barry served in the U.S. Army 1968-70 and was a Mortar man in Vietnam 1969-70. Barry has been the inspiration for an ever more successful Memorial Day commemorative at the Vietnam Memorial […]

#433 – Dick Bernard: "I DID IT!"

Sunday we were at the “Annual Mass for Persons with DisAbilities”. one of whom was my daughter, Heather. It was a very special afternoon, confirming eleven adult disabled in the Chapel at the St. Paul Seminary. The Church was filled with friends and family members. The confirmands had assorted disabilities – for Heather, it is […]

#432 – Dick Bernard: 9-11-11 The First Day of the Rest of our Life as a People.

NOTE SEP 12, 2011: This is becoming a voluminous post with a great number of comments. All flow from my reflection on Sep. 11, 2001, and the ten years after, here. I plan to keep this comments page up to date and current as any personal opinions are provided. Check back once in awhile. Directly […]

#431 – Dick Bernard: Ed Asner as FDR

Early this week my wife heard on public radio that Ed Asner, co-star of the Mary Tyler Moore show, would be doing a one-man show the evening of September 9. She was interested in going and for me that was a non-controversial recommendation. I went down to get tickets in person, and by that time, […]

#430 – Dick Bernard: 9-11-01 to 9-11-11. Have we learned anything these last ten years?

UPDATE September 12, 2011: There have been a large number of comments on this post. They are in a separate post for September 11, 2011, here. Additional comments will be added to this post, as received. September 9, 2011 Dear Family and Friends: One of the indelible memories of my life came on my 60th […]

#429 – Dick Bernard: Let's have some kind words for the United States Post Office

UPDATE Sep 10, 2011: There have been some interesting comments particularly relating to my comments about the Sykeston ND postoffice. They are included at the end of this post. At the time I knew Sykeston, its population was perhaps 225-250 fine people. UPDATE Sep 12, 2011: Subsequent to this post, I was made aware of […]

#428 – Dick Bernard: A Mutiny aboard the Ship of State

I hear all sorts of opinions in the course of an average day, from all sorts of people. Part of this is due to being retired, and thus having more varied opportunities. A larger part is a desire to hear, and engage with, more points of view than one gets as a ‘bird of a […]

#427 – Dick Bernard: I breathe union

Labor Day, I was caught in the magnetic pull of the Minnesota State Fair. It was the last day of the great Minnesota get-together, and I went on a whim. It was my second visit in the Fair’s 12-day run. I have rarely if ever missed a Fair in 46 years in Minnesota. I’m one […]

#426 – Dick Bernard: Labor Day 2011 and "The Help"

We went to the film, The Help, Sunday afternoon. It was time very well spent. There are many reviews: Go to IMDB for many of them and other information about The Help. If you haven’t seen the film, consider taking it in, either in the theater, or by other means. The Help is about Jackson, […]