#423 – Dick Bernard: Talking war (and peace)

Monday was Senior Citizen day at the Minnesota State Fair and I made my way over to fulfill my annual ritual, now stretching back to the mid-1960s when I first arrived in the Twin Cities. This year found me less engaged than in the past – no particular reason. Maybe next year I won’t be […]

#422 – Dick Bernard: Walking Woodbury Days with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar

I walked with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar in the annual Woodbury Days parade yesterday. While I didn’t count, it seemed there were perhaps 30 of us, along with the Senator and her daughter, on the approximately two mile walk. Cathy, my wife, walked as well, as did Amy’s daughter. (click on photos to enlarge) Over […]

#421 – Dick Bernard: "Be SEEN, Be HEARD"

One of my favorite volunteer duties is usher at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis MN. Through the doors of that magnificent place come people at all places in their faith journey, the welcoming and non-judgmental mantra of the Parish. The Sunday just past I was working at the back (main) entrance to the […]

#420 – Dick Bernard: Speaking as a Liberal

Directly related posts: here and here. Yesterday’s news has President Obama going on vacation for a few days. Of course, presidential vacation is not a vacation at all. But this does not prevent the Congressional critics, themselves on a one month vacation, from saying the President should be back in the White House creating jobs […]

#419 – Dick Bernard: Going below the surface in political hate e-mails. And, by the way, it is the Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, that authorizes the expenditures…and the debt. And mostly, it's been Republican. And "we, the people" elect every one of these representatives every two years.

Directly Related post here; other related posts, here and here. Yesterday, a valued relative of mine sent me one of those ubiquitous anti-Obama forwards. This one was full of dismal statistics about America suggesting that every problem was all Obama’s fault. I replied: “So what does this prove…? Is Obama THE government?” He responded: “Let’s […]

#418 – Dick Bernard: Watching President Obama

Related posts here and here. Monday I hoped to see Air Force One approach and land at Twin Cities International Airport. I got a late start, and missed any opportunity I may have had. About 11:30 I went by the airport enroute to visit a friend of mine in a Twin Cities Nursing Home. When […]

#417 – Dick Bernard: Watching Elvis

A timeout, away from the serious issues of the day. This morning, President Obama comes to Minnesota for the start of a three day swing through mid-state America. He’ll touch down a few miles from where I type this post. Odds are he’ll be ending his swing at the Iowa park where we had a […]

#416 – Dick Bernard: The Downside of Belief.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune accompanied us enroute to our vacation on July 23. The front page headline said it all, “TERROR IN NORWAY“, recounting the heinous attack by a lone Norwegian which included over 90 deaths, mostly young people at a youth camp and in Oslo itself. I had read the entire article early that […]

#415 – Dick Bernard: The danger of an eccentric society.

This morning two friends of mine were talking about why present day automobiles last so much longer and run so much better than those in earlier days. There are many reasons, of course, but a primary one these two engineer-type folks identified was the present day near-perfect engineering of bearings used to keep automobile moving […]

#414 – Dick Bernard: the film, Tree of Life

After a couple of recommendations, and some procrastination, we went to the new film “Tree of Life” this afternoon at the Lagoon Theatre in Minneapolis. There are more than ample numbers of reviews of this film (click on the above links for Tree of Life for some of these reviews). Personally, I would say this: […]