#391 – Dick Bernard: A Demonstration at the State Capitol

Years ago I heard a ‘rule of thumb’ that has seemed to be reasonably well borne out in reality. It was said that for every one person who actually physically shows up at some demonstration or other, that person represents 1,000 others who feel likewise, but can’t attend for reasons like work, too far away, […]

#390 – Dick Bernard: Getting to a settlement

As I write, 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 29, 2011, my spouse, Cathy, is down in the ‘grand canyons’ of downtown Minneapolis, representing our homeowners association at a last ditch mediation to attempt to resolve a matter involving several hundred thousand dollars. Actually, it’s high-priced lawyers who are representing all sides in this now nearly […]

#389 – Dick Bernard: Killing the President, and all of us.

On frequent occasions, something in a news source catches my eye, as did this one, on Saturday. Most of us won’t all get to see these attack ads. They’re carefully targeted to certain places in the country where they are likely to do the most good (translated “bad”) against Democrats and the President of the […]

#388 – Dick Bernard: Gay Marriage in New York State

Early last evening I was watching my usual news program and a guest was talking about how New York Legislature was about to pass a law authorizing same sex marriage in the state of New York. I’ve been around political decision making for long enough, and closely enough, to question the judgment of a premature […]

#387 – Dick Bernard: Politics, the business of talking and listening and seeking agreement when agreement doesn't seem possible.

Last night I watched President Obama’s thirteen minute address to the nation on Afghanistan. I felt it was a thoughtful speech, and it takes no long leap to state that every word, every inflection, everything, was very, very carefully put together for presentation to a diverse and immense world-wide audience including friends and enemies alike. […]

#386 – Dick Bernard: My 2:43 Speech*, and some thoughts on Climate Change

* June 17, in this space, I related a dream about a 2:43 speech. Here’s my version of that speech, considerably shorter than two minutes. “Speak your truth to others, particularly those who may disagree with you. Listen. Learn. Participate. Keep open the possibility that there may be flaws in what you believe to be […]

#385 – Dick Bernard: A 2:43 Speech: "Last Night I had the Strangest Dream". A matter of Climate Change and Other Things.

UPDATE/SUPPLEMENT June 19, 2011, here. As we all do, I dream, and I just awoke from a dream whose essential message I remember. This doesn’t always happen. I want to share the dream, and speculate from whence it came. For some reason I found myself as king# of the world, only for a few minutes, […]

#383 – Dick Bernard: The Quandary for Big (and Small) Business, and its impact on all of us.

This mornings New York Times (NYT) had an interesting article about a St. Paul area business man reluctant to hire workers. A couple of days earlier the Minneapolis Star Tribune had an equally interesting column by a long time very prominent business executive essentially rebutting the oft-repeated and false argument of conservatives that taxes will […]

#382 – Dick Bernard: Lying our way to mediocrity, and perhaps worse….

In two years and 381 blog posts, I can think of only one other posting in which I emphasized a single piece of writing I had seen elsewhere. Today is the second. I’d highly recommend a reading of this lengthy item, “The fascinating story of how shameless right-wing lies came to rule our politics” by […]