#369 – Dick Bernard: Mother's Day 2011

UPDATE June 7, 2011. Here’s the flower we bought at the Work House a month ago, May 7, 2011. UPDATE August 5, 2011. Here’s the same plant, now dubbed a ‘monster plant’ by our neighbors, on August 5. It’s the best plant we’ve ever had! To all Mom’s out there, a great day. I know […]

#368 – Dick Bernard: Reprising National Teacher Day Commentary May 3, 2011

Between the May 3 post on National Teacher Day and May 7 came the latest issue of Newsweek which included a non-affirming message for wealthy folks seeking to impose change on public schools. Their experiment seems to have been less than a noble success, but don’t expect this to be widely reported. I am one […]

#367 – Dick Bernard: "I Am", the documentary

May 4, largely on the recommendation of our friend, Annelee, we went to the documentary, “I Am”, at the Lagoon Theatre in Minneapolis. Wherever you are, I would highly recommend you see this extraordinary and thought provoking film. Then seriously consider the implications of what you just saw. The official website is here. Doubtless, there […]

#366 – Jermitt Krage and Karen Alexander: In Wisconsin, Gov. Walker's Budget Repair Bill Indicates Need for Collaboration

Wisconsin, like many other states, is faced with attacks by some of its citizens on public employees, public education, and local community services. These attacks are a direct outgrowth of how all of the parties have developed, used, and abused their power relationships with each other over a period of many years. While these attacks […]

#365 – Dick Bernard: A Troubling National Teacher Day, May 3, 2011

Since May 3, 1985, National Teacher Day in the United States has been observed on the first Tuesday in May. About 1944 an Arkansas teacher first had the idea of a National Teacher Day, and in 1953 the first such day was observed. May 3, 1985, I was Minnesota Education Association field staff (some would […]

#364 – Dick Bernard: "The Wicked Witch is Dead" The killing of Osama bin Laden

I wrote a friend a bit earlier this evening saying I probably wouldn’t comment on the killing of Osama bin Laden a day ago. I’ve changed my mind…a little. All day I kept thinking about the hit song from Wizard of Oz, “The Wicked Witch is Dead”. There are endless analyses of what L. Frank […]