#380 – Dick Bernard: As good as it gets.

This afternoon I happened across a marvelous video made by folks in Grand Rapids MI, supposedly one of the ten most dying cities in America. You can watch and read about it here. It is 10 minutes of sheer in-your-face optimism in the face of being ridiculed as a loser. We can all use a […]

#379 – Dick Bernard: Memorial Day 2011. Confusing Times

Today I will probably attend a Memorial Day observance sponsored by Veterans for Peace near the Minnesota State Capitol; I’ll wear the Buddy Poppy purchased at Hibbing from a VFW member on May 13, and a Forget-me-not purchased from a Disabled American Veteran here in Woodbury a couple of days ago. Yesterday I drove over […]

#378 – Dick Bernard: Words

This morning a friend of mine came in to the coffee shop about the time I was leaving, sat down at the table next to me and opened to the Opinion Page of the Wall Street Journal for May 28-29 weekend edition. The banner headline was “Word of the Decade” ‘Unsustainable’ “ by Peggy Noonan. […]

#377 – Dick Bernard: The Fargo Tornado of June 20, 1957

Two grandsons and I were enjoying a major league baseball game at Minnesota Twins Target Field on May 25. It was a perfect day for a ballgame at this new park, which is at the very edge of downtown Minneapolis. (click on photos to enlarge them) I couldn’t help but think that a few days […]

#376 – Dick Bernard: Listening to Jim Oberstar and Thinking About Our Collective Lack of Political "Wisdom": "shoot first, and ask questions later"?

Among the many magnificent gifts the U.S. Founding Fathers gave us when framing the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States ca 1787 was the right to select our representatives. To be sure, the framers initial draft was imperfect: only certain kinds of people could vote, then, and so on…but over time near […]

#375 – Dick Bernard: Dooms Day 2011: Remembering a trip to Israel, January, 1996

It is appropriate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the United States on the very day that Harold Camping has determined is Judgment Day: May 21, 2011, at 6 p.m. (As I write at 8 a.m. CDT, it is already 6 p.m. in Kabul, Afghanistan, and later still in Japan and Australia, and […]

#374 – Dick Bernard: Amazing Grace for Cousin Vince

A week ago today I was walking in to a place called Tar Paper Annie’s, a recently collapsed shack in the woods overlooking Bear Island Lake just north of Northern Lights Lodge near Babbitt MN. The occasion was the farewell to my cousin, Vincent Busch, who passed away in January of this year. The shore […]

#373 – Dick Bernard: What to believe?

A friend of mine just returned from a trip to Washington DC. He and his wife had last been there in 1978. There was much new to see. They enjoyed the trip. He mentioned that their tour group visited the World War II Memorial (completed 2004). A younger member of the tour group, a college […]

#372 – Dick Bernard: Spring inches northward.

Today, May 10 in suburban St. Paul MN, the leaves on the trees have burst out, and the leafy green of woods in spring has returned once again. Exactly one month ago, in suburban Albuquerque NM, I was taking a solitary walk along the Rio Grande River, and noticed a simple tree which intrigued me […]

#371 – Mary Ellen Weller: Reflecting on Teachers, Teaching and the current situation in Wisconsin

UPDATE: Note response at end of this post. Mary Ellen Weller is a retired teacher whose career was spent in Minnesota schools, and who presently lives in Madison WI. She responds to Dick Bernards National Teacher Day Reflection. I read the text of your letter concerning teaching and the current attacks on teachers in general […]