#342 – Dick Bernard: Part 12. Dropping in on Madison

“Dropping in on Madison” was a no-brainer for me on Friday. I was enroute to Chicago, and the car would have steered itself towards the Capitol at the Hwy 151 exit. (Click on photos to enlarge them.) It was a gray afternoon, in the low 40s, when I parked near the Capitol about 1:30 p.m. […]

#341 – Dick Bernard: Part 11. King of the Hill.

NOTE: This series began on February 17, 2011, and at the beginning I had no plans to continue it to its current extent. I can envision at least one more post before I conclude this thread. Please check back. When I was a kid in North Dakota, winter offered new and different opportunities for play. […]

#340 – Dick Bernard: Part 10. America: "The Land of the [Me]…."

Earlier this week I was writing some letters and having an afternoon cup of coffee at my local hangout. The place was quite busy, as usual, and behind me I heard some chatter among three women who were having an animated visit. They appeared to be financially comfortable. They were obviously of the age where […]

#339 – Dick Bernard: Part 9. The Rich

Pretty clearly, the Rich have won, at least temporarily. Not the ordinary rich, but the Filthy Rich. Take a moment to look at what “rich” means, thanks to a series of charts published in Mother Jones magazine. Then, there’s an interesting commentary entitled “Koch Dreams” which refers to a David Koch piece in the Wall […]

#338 – Dick Bernard: Part 8. Public Servants bearing the burden….

Before the 2011 MN Legislature had convened, and the new MN Governor sworn in, the news concerned the burden of a $6 billion deficit in the MN state budget. At the time I did some simple arithmetic, dividing $6 Billion by 5 Million residents of the State of Minnesota. The result was $1,200 deficit per […]