#327 – Dick Bernard: Part 3. The Canyon of 60 Abandon, and More Ways to Communicate Less

In November, 1998, I was very actively contemplating retirement, and I attended a conference of the National Education Association (NEA) in the Houston area. We were at a nice resort hotel, but the weather was – to put it mildly – awful. By the time we left we were shuttled around in large trucks due […]

#326 – Dick Bernard: Part 2. Thoughts about the Power and Peril of Bottlenecks and Pyramids

One of the recent Presidents of the U.S., who was born 100 years ago on February 6, is having his memory celebrated…by people who were his mentors and advisors. In their words, they are elevating the man to far larger than life status. Perhaps they can enshrine the idea that he was more awesome than […]

#325 – Dick Bernard: Part 1. Waiting for the Superbowl

Saturday we went over to watch our 6th grade grandson play basketball in the local athletic league. The league is like leagues in most towns of any size: if you show up, you play. There are eight five minute segments, and if there are ten boys on a side, five of them play every other […]

#324 – Dick Bernard: Watching the Voronezh Ballet at Northrop Auditorium

UPDATE February 5, 2011: Twin City Daily Planet review of the Ballet here; Minneapolis Star Tribune review here. I was a very reluctant stand-in Thursday night, when we went to see the Ballet at the Northrop Auditorium at the University of Minnesota. My wife had purchased tickets to the Voronezh State Ballet Theatre performance of […]