#323 – Dick Bernard: Taking Leave…Brooke, Vince

Sometimes events intersect and their very intersection adds to their individual meaning. Such happened in my own life during the last two weeks. It began with a phone call on Jan. 20. I heard Cathy gasp, and say “oh no.” The call was about her niece’s 8-month old daughter, Brooke, hospitalized in critical condition with […]

#322 – Terri Ashmore: "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide"

Terri Ashmore recently wrote the below column for the Basilica of St. Mary (Minneapolis MN) Church Bulletin. A discussion of this book will be held at the Basilica on Sunday, January 30, at 1 p.m. in the Mother Teresa Hall. Panelists include experts from the Humphrey Institute, Human Rights Watch, and Advocates for Human Rights. […]

#321 – Bob Barkley: Declaring for President.

Bob throws his hat in the ring for 2012 (his bio is at the end of this post): Declaration of Candidacy I’m running! This is the declaration of my candidacy for the Presidency in 2012. I have no idea with what Party as I expect them to pick me rather than I picking them. [If […]

#320 – Dick Bernard: Las Madres: Mothers of the Disappeared

Sunday we were privileged to attend a photo exhibition and talks telling the story of the Las Madres, Argentine Mothers who lost children during Argentina’s “dirty war” 1976-83. The event was presented by the Twin Cities organization World Without Genocide, a group worth learning more about. At the Sunday gathering, the photographer Sylvia Horwitz gave […]

#319 – Dick Bernard: "Watching" the State of the Union

I “watched” the State of the Union address in its entirety last night. The word is in quotes, because, while I sat in front of the TV, I mostly watched with my eyes closed. In other words, I listened, like one would be forced to listen in pre-television and instant analysis days which in historical […]

#318 – Dick Bernard: The President's State of the Union Address…and the Carnival of our National Insanity

Tonight President Obama gives his State of the Union before a joint session of Congress. That this will happen is no surprise: it is an annual event with a long, long history in our country. This year, beyond any in my own memory, this one is preceded, will be attended and followed by, numerous ‘clowns […]

#317 – Dick Bernard: Some thoughts on Haiti, Duvalier, Aristide, reconstructing the deconstructing….

Baby Doc Duvalier materialized in Port-au-Prince about a week ago. You’d be led to think Duvalier’s trip was a surprise to the international community. Reading the media, it almost seems as if he just jumped on a plane and flew home after 25 years in France. The odds of Duvalier’s trip to Haiti being unknown […]

#316 – Bells for Haiti Committee: Final Report on the One Year Anniversary Project Remembering 35 seconds in Haiti, 3:53 p.m. CST January 12, 2010

The Bells for Haiti Committee is grateful for the response around the United States to the one year anniversary project which culminated with bell-ringing and other events on or surrounding January 12, 2011. The Committee met to debrief the activity on January 20, 2011, and following is its report. GENERAL: 1. The project evolved over […]

#315 – Dick Bernard: Haiti. Duvalier. The Punishment and Justice Narrative…and the Reconciliation Possibility

I woke early in the morning of Martin Luther King Day, January 17, 2011. The purpose was to publish #314, which is here. In front of me was a note from my spouse from a couple hours earlier. It deserves to be presented as I saw it: On screen were a couple of e-mails about […]

#314 – Dick Bernard: Meeting Martin Luther King Jr in Minneapolis, yesterday

I met Martin Luther King yesterday, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I sat near him in the Choir Stall at Basilica of St. Mary yesterday afternoon. He appeared there in the body of two women sitting next to each other. Mary Johnson and Janice Andersen. Janice is the tireless and remarkable Christian Life Director at the Basilica […]