#294 – Dick Bernard: Naming a mystery man in a photograph, 72 years later.

Pearl Harbor Day I posted a piece about my Uncle Frank and his service and death on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. The day went on and late in the afternoon came an e-mail from a name I’d never heard before. The e-mail included two photos of my Uncle Frank in […]

#293 – Dick Bernard: Continuing the tax cuts

For the record, some time ago, before the November elections, I wrote my U.S. Senators arguing in favor of letting the tax cuts expire for everyone at the end of 2010 – including my own. My wife and I are small fish in the economic pond that is the U.S., but even for ourselves I […]

#292 – Remember the Maine; USS Arizona; Never Forget; LPD 21 USS New York

December 7, 1941, my Uncle Frank Bernard was minding his own business on the USS Arizona, berthed at Pearl Harbor, HI. Without doubt he was awake at the time a Japanese bomb destroyed his ship and snuffed out his life. 1176 shipmates also died that day. Frank was definitely at the wrong place at the […]

#291 – Dick Bernard: Looking at ourselves through "rose-colored glasses"

My daily hangout for morning coffee is a very busy place, more or less the ‘crossroads’ for the commuting class in my community – a community which would be considered fairly prosperous and definitely middle class. I am at my station during drive time every morning, next to the front door, so I can see […]

#290 – Dick Bernard: Vicarious Violence a Threat, Chapter 2

December 3, I passed along a commentary of mine printed in the December 2 2010 Minneapolis Star Tribune. I was responding to an earlier column by Washington Post columnist George Will about regulation of video games. The blog post including the commentaries is here. As of 5 a.m. December 4, there have been 14 comments […]

#289 – Dick Bernard: Vicarious Violence a Threat? Yes.

The below commentary of mine appeared on the opinion page in the December 2, Minneapolis Star Tribune. You can also read it as printed in the STrib here. I was responding to a commentary by George Will of the Washington Post which appeared in the Nov. 28 newspaper. I was gone most of the day […]

#288 – Dick Bernard: 2010 Election Postmortem

Yesterday, I checked the internet to fill in a blank in my November 4 post about the 2010 election. That blank is filled in the bold-faced section in the fourth paragraph under the photo. Succinctly: about two-thirds as many voters went to the polls in 2010, as did in 2008; that turnout was slightly higher […]

#287 – Dick Bernard: Getting RESULTS

A number of years ago a new acquaintance, Paul Hoffinger, called to invite us to get to know an organization he was involved in. We enrolled, and became a small monthly contributor to to the group, called RESULTS. Some years later we were part of a group traveling to observe the work of the micro-finance […]