#304 – Dick Bernard: New Year's Eve and the Perpetual Calendar: "What are you doing New Years, New Years Eve?"

This year the last day of the year coincides with the last day of the traditional American workweek. Rather than muse about this or that, I simply took a look back in history to see the previous December 31sts which occurred on a Friday. You can easily do this by looking at the perpetual calendar. […]

#303 – Dick Bernard: A Christmas Message "what's in a word"

We attended Christmas morning Mass at Minneapolis’ Basilica of St. Mary, where the celebrant was Archbishop John Nienstedt of the Diocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis. The Archbishop’s homily was on the theme of the importance of words: “what’s in a word”. I was particularly struck by a story he related at the end of his sermon. […]

#302 – Dick Bernard: Christmas Eve, a story of winter in rural Minnesota

Yesterday, on my daily walk, I came across a guy who, I thought, was acting strangely. He had a shovel, and was on the right side of the street, taking a clod of snow out of the abundant snowbank there. Then, oddly, he carried the clod across to the left side of the street, and […]

#301 – Dick Bernard: At the Post Office, Wishing a Merry Christmas; at home, a Happy New Year ahead?

Wednesday, December 15, we attended Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis… Friday morning December 17 I was at the Post Office early, the better to beat the rush. Even given the good timing, there were still a dozen or more of us in line, with one postal worker on station […]

#300 – Dick Bernard: The "War" of the Season

Today is the Winter Solstice, this one especially unique because of the total lunar eclipse which last happened on this solstice in 1638, three years after my first French-Canadian ancestors, Jean Cote and Anne Martin, married at Quebec City November 15, 1635. One can wonder if they watched that eclipse, and wondered what it meant…. […]

#299 – Dick Bernard: A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You and Yours

The Christmas cards above and below (they were like today’s picture postcards) were saved by my Grandmother and Grandfather Busch at their North Dakota farm in the early 1900s*. This year, my annual Christmas Reflection can be found here. It is easily the longest I have done (the 33rd in a series beginning 1977), with […]

#298 – Dick Bernard: No One is an Island: Remembering at Christmas, 2010, an untimely death, and expressing a thousand "thank you's"

UPDATE: This link was put together by Larry Gauper, a classmate and friend of Barbara during Valley City High School 1957-61: Barbara Sunde Bernard_12_13_2010-3. Peace and all best wishes for a wonderful Christmas Season and a Happy New Year in 2011. If you wish to participate in a meaningful remembrance this season, note my post […]

#297 – Dick Bernard: Bells for Haiti, January 12, 2011

UPDATE JANUARY 12, 2011: My post for today re Haiti. January 10, 2011 post on Haiti UPDATE JANUARY 11, 2011: Twin Cities focus News Release for the Bells for Haiti Committee: Honoring Haiti, One Year Later: Bells to Sound Across Minnesota on Wednesday, January 12th City Halls, Churches, and Schools to Toll their Bells at […]

#296 – Dick Bernard: the Metrodome vs the Blizzard (it lost)

UPDATE JANUARY 13: Minneapolis Star Tribune front page article, etc. Enroute to church this morning I passed within blocks, as always, the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. It usually stands out when viewed from Interstate 94, but today it was hard to pick it out: overnight the roof collapsed from the weight of the snow from […]

#295 – Hunkering down for a Blizzard!

UPDATE 8:15 P.M. DECEMBER 11: Most likely we have over 20″ of snow at our home, thus far no wind. Didn’t leave the house all day. More snow than expected. UPDATE II 8:10 A.M. DECEMBER 12: We can now classify the storm as a modern day catastrophe. Not only was the Vikings-Giants game postponed till […]