#258 – Dick Bernard: Planting Poles of Peace

Today was another stunningly beautiful Minnesota Fall day, a perfect day for – as the invitation stated – “a peace pole planting & dedication ceremony” at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Sunfish Lake MN. I took the drive over to the picturesque church. It is a place I have passed by often, but until today […]

#257 – Dick Bernard: Voting

This letter of mine appeared in the October 13, 2010, issue of the Woodbury Bulletin, our local newspaper. Our suburb of about 60,000 population would be considered as prosperous, with a great number of school age children and a correspondingly great number of younger parents who have very good jobs and live in nice houses. […]

#256 – Dick Bernard: The Chilean Miners

The rescue of the 33 Chilean miners after 69 days underground grabbed and held on to me today. I got up about two a.m. to see the 4th miner reach the surface, and I watched intermittently today, and for an extended period tonight as the final miner reached the surface. For me, personally, the entirety […]

#255 – Dick Bernard: Au Revoir to Five Sisters

The call came on Friday. It was unexpected only because I didn’t think I’d be in the communications loop. Sister Victorine Long CSJ had passed away at Bethany Convent in St. Paul. She was 90. Her niece said she had a folder of assorted photos and letters for me – items which Sister Victorine had […]

#254 – Dick Bernard: A DVD Drama at the Basilica of St. Mary

Last Sunday on the way into Minneapolis’ Basilica of St. Mary for Mass I stopped by a small group of people collecting a DVD Archbishop Marriage001 earlier sent to all Archdiocese Catholics. The DVD lobbies against the supposed threat of Gay Marriage, and promotes a Minnesota Constitutional amendment mandating that marriage be restricted to one […]

#253 – Dick Bernard: A morning meet-up with Joe Biden

The offer of a free opportunity to see Joe Biden in person this morning was more than I could pass up, even if it meant, as it did, 3 1/2 hours standing. Such is how it is with political rallies, this one at Macalester College in St. Paul. Coming early meant that I got a […]

#252 – Dick Bernard: "Waiting for Superman"

UPDATE: February 7, 2011: see end of this post. Were it in my power, I’d require every American adult to spend the one hour 42 minutes needed to watch the documentary “Waiting for Superman“; then I’d assign them to a working group with ten of their peers of differing points of view, with the assignment […]