#268 – Dick Bernard: On BEING the Change YOU Can Believe In.

Quite frequently we have an 11-year old house guest – we’re his kid-sitter for, usually, a few hours. He’s a nice kid. Invariably, though, at some early point in his visit he’ll make the declaration, “I’m bored“, with the direct implication that it is our responsibility to un-bore him. I don’t take the bait. Life […]

#267 – Dick Bernard: A troubling juncture for our country.

I am overwhelmed with political information – it has to be like being overrun by a tsunami (without minimizing the latest tragedy in Indonesia). The instinct is not to master or control the incoming data, but how to survive it. I won’t run and hide, but after the election, my guess is that I will […]

#266 – Dick Bernard: Moving towards Rationality, Civility and Dialogue…or mired in Contempt?

I walked away from a TV commentary show a few hours ago. The host is someone I like and respect; his guests were four leaders from a few of the infinite number of different organizations that claim to be of like minds, but really have very narrow, poorly thought out, and often opposing agendas. The […]

#265 – Dick Bernard: What's at stake next Tuesday

I vote absentee as I’m an election judge next Tuesday. This morning I was looking at my absentee ballot for November 2. There are 109 candidates for 42 positions. It is a daunting, impossible task to know everything about everyone. A group of us are collaborating to find out who might know something about some […]

#264 – Dick Bernard: One Week to Go. My opinion.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Republican leader in the U.S. Senate, has confirmed that the GOPs major objective is to make President Obama a one-term President. So, if the GOP prevails next week, the gridlock of the first two years of the Obama administration will only intensify. The GOP leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have […]

#263 – Dick Bernard: President Obama comes to the Twin Cities

NOTE: The video of the entire speech by President Obama in Minneapolis on October 23 is accessible at the end of this post. Sometimes I hear talk of Democrats and Republicans being the same: “they’re both alike“; “they’re all liars”; “Democrats are only the lesser of two evils“. This kind of rhetoric comes from both […]

#262 – Dick Bernard: A reflective moment

Earlier this morning I was at my daily hangout, the Caribou Coffee in Woodbury MN. It’s been my daily day-opener for ten years now. I like the place and the people – regulars and staff. I guess it could be considered part of my daily ritual. One of the staff came by this morning, noting […]

#261 – Dick Bernard: Honor and Respect for those of the GLBT Community

Today came an unexpected video featuring Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. (There may be an annoying ad for a few seconds prior to the 2 1/2 minute clip. Just let it play through.) The video speaks profoundly for itself. It reminded me of a copy of a letter which came into my possession some […]

#260 – Dick Bernard: The Honeymoon Trip; and "I hope he fails."

This post is about American politics. I have made it a practice to be well informed politically, and this has been a practice for many years. This post – in two segments – is considerably longer than most items I write (several typewritten pages). Please don’t let that deter you. Some things cannot be summarized […]

#259 – Dick Bernard: "Capitalism saved the day in Chile"?

Previous post on the rescue of the Chilean miners here. Saturday’s Minneapolis-Star Tribune carried a column by Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) entitled “Capitalism saved the day in Chile”. The column is here, though WSJ rules say it is available for only seven days from the October 14, 2010, publication date. The […]