#251 – Dick Bernard: Campaigning.

Yesterday our local candidate for state legislature was door-knocking in our neighborhood – at least I know she was, since there was a flier with a handwritten personal note from her in our door. Campaigning for office is brutal work, not for the faint of heart, and I sometimes wonder what would happen if all […]

#250 – Dick Bernard: a troubling sign among Signs

Certain at this time of year in Minnesota is change in the appearance of nature. Leaves change colors and ultimately drop off; Fall flowers erupt in all their glory, including some absolutely brilliant wildflowers on my daily walk. Every other year, Fall brings with it a new and odd biennial ‘foliage’. Locals call them campaign […]

#249 – Dick Bernard: Beginning a family history

Monday I mailed the family history of my Dad’s French-Canadian family. It is a weighty tome. Its 500+ pages read 3 lb 9.4 oz on the post office scale. It represents my efforts to condense 400 years of several families French-Canadian history in North America. More info: here and here. Whether the book turns out […]

#248 – Dick Bernard: Awaiting a new season

One of the duties on a quick visit to the home farm near Berlin ND was to harvest the last of the land falls off the apple tree beside the house. This was a good year for apples – at least for three of the four trees on the homestead – but very few of […]

#247 – Dick Bernard: Musing about Taxes

I’d consider Gerald Harris, editor/publisher of the LaMoure Chronicle and a couple of other North Dakota weekly newspapers, a friend, even though I have only met him in person one time, and then briefly, and even though we may well walk different paths ideologically. But when I get to his town to visit my relatives, […]

#246 – Dick Bernard: Down and Dirty Political Advertising

The lead letter in yesterday’s Woodbury Bulletin was mine*: “The Woodbury Bulletin’s Aug. 25 “Our View” (“Hoopla over YouTube video on local GOP website…”) causes me to think back a few years. I had written a letter, published in the Bulletin, which criticized a local legislator. It was, as are all letters I write, signed […]

#245 – Dick Bernard: A Painting Project in the Garage

For the last ten years I have been driving into An American Garage that had never been painted. Yes, there was 20 year old dry wall which had been taped when it was built but it was, you know, a garage. We don’t live in the garage. I finally reached the ‘tipping point’ – got […]

#244 – Dick Bernard: Making a Disaster into a Catastrophe

It’s Saturday evening, September 11, 2010. A few hours ago, looking for something to watch on TV, I happened across the Weather Channel, which at the time was playing a program about the evacuation of Dunkirk, France, May 27 – June 3, 1940. It was an incredible rescue, thanks to a nine-day break in often […]

#243 – Dick Bernard: September 16 and 20, 2001, and a Day for Peace, September 21, 2010

Today is September 11. 9-11. Why the title “September 16 and 20, 2001”? September 11, 2001, was a Tuesday, and by the next Sunday, September 16, the initial shock had largely worn off, though confusion reigned. (A good illustration of what was happening comes from a chart I’d seen many years earlier, where a normal […]

#242 – Dick Bernard: A School for the Feeble-Minded

When I was growing up in the 1940s and 50s, we would occasionally go to visit my Dad’s parents in Grafton ND. While there, one of the certain trips was to the city park, Leistikow Park, on the bank of the Park River. It was an awesome place in the eyes of small town kids […]