#203 – Dick Bernard: Ship of Fools, Part II

After publishing #202, a long-time friend, a liberal Democrat, wrote with her comment on the post: “Maybe Republican was written too many times [some readers] don’t want to hear it.” The comment caused me to use my word search function at the blog, to see in how many posts, of over 200, the words “Democrat/Democrats” […]

#202 – Dick Bernard: Why Are We a Ship Full of Fools?

Thursday afternoon a friend stopped by to visit. He’d been to a wake at a nearby mortuary, paying respects to a long-time colleague who, he said, had few friends and almost no family. A kindly gesture. We visited. Jim is a fairly recent retiree from a career position in state government. I suppose somebody could […]

#201 – Dick Bernard: Sock Monkey takes a trip

Back in April, my son Tom alerted me to watch for a package containing a Sock Monkey. It was in Michigan, he said, and our home was its next stop. When I received it I was to let people who knew his daughter (thus my granddaughter) Lindsay see the monkey, and write a note or […]

#200 – Dick Bernard: Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day all you Dads, and those whose role is or has been or will be that of “Dad”. Wikipedia notes, without any fanfare, that this is the 100th anniversary of the observance of Father’s Day, it’s first observance on June 19, 1910. I’ve been around long enough to have been a Dad not […]

#199 – Dick Bernard: A New Cuyahoga Moment?

Previous posts on this topic: here and here. For years, when I’m “out and about” in our world I’ve made it a practice of picking up the local newspaper, however humble or exalted. So, when we were about to leave Denver on June 6, I picked up the Sunday Denver Post, and when I wasn’t […]

#198 – Dick Bernard: The President, BP, and Energy Policy

I clicked on “publish” on #197 – Taking Responsibility and went to watch President Obama speak to the nation from the Oval Office Tuesday night. The speech is short, well worth watching. As I anticipated in #197, the instant analysis – and criticism – began immediately after the lights went down in the Oval Office. […]

#197 – Dick Bernard: Taking Responsibility

In an hour or so President Obama will deliver an address that will be closely watched world-wide. Afterwards, as he and his advisors know, every word (or lack of same), expression, inflection, will be analyzed and isolated to suit the purposes of endless numbers of observers, who will then cast judgment, positive or negative, on […]

#196 – Dick Bernard: Lindsay and Jeffrey's Wedding

Okay, okay. Here’s a slide show of a wedding with 84 slides, and I took them all. (Simply click on the first photo in the group, and then you can play this as a slide show, as you wish.) Do cut me some slack. After all, it was granddaughter Lindsay’s wedding, June 4, 2010, at […]