#195 – Dick Bernard: A Reflection as I prepare to travel to a wedding.

Have a good Memorial Day. I press “send” and we leave suburban Denver and my oldest granddaughters wedding on Friday June 4. All such events are significant. This wedding is far more so than most for me. Lindsay’s grandma, my first wife, Barbara, died at University Hospital, Minneapolis, when her Dad, my son, was 1 […]

#194 – Dick Bernard: Thoughts on "illegals", "Mexicans" et al.

Four of us hit the road from the Twin Cities to Denver early tomorrow morning. We will look like pretty typical older people, and unless we do something crazy, will probably make the trip out and back without attracting any attention whatsoever, even on Memorial Day when the police are thick as flies in a […]

#193 – Dick Bernard: A Place called "Town"

Been a spell since I’ve posted here. No particular reason. Maybe time for a break…the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend seems a good time to break the silence. A little over a week ago I took a trip out to North Dakota to visit my Uncle and Aunt who live in an assisted living facility […]

#192 – Dick Bernard: Heather 'n me 'n The Smooch! Project 'n The Rave!

The evening of May 4, my wife and I spent a delightful time out at Aronson Field in suburban Lakeville. Here a group of irrepressible adults engaged in the game of softball. These are all adults who are called “disabled”, one of them my Down Syndrome daughter, Heather. This night was billed as a pre-season […]

#191 – Dick Bernard: A Pleasant Spring Day in the Country May 4, 2000

We had our breakfast in the hotel in Krakow the morning of May 4, 2000. We’d been together, the 40 of us**, since April 26, but this day was even more serious than most earlier days had been, and those days had been serious, too: Tabor, Terezin, Prague…. There was not much small talk this […]

#190 – Dick Bernard: Four Films

Someone looking for me would not start at movie theaters: movies are an infrequent destination. Still, in the past seven days I viewed four films in four very different venues. Each of the films had (and have) diverse messages…beyond the films themselves. Last Sunday, the destination was The Minneapolis Film Festival showing of a documentary, […]