#173 – Dick Bernard: Health Care Reform Round One – the last few days

I write and will publish this post before I know what Rep. Dennis Kucinich says this morning. Except for correcting the usual punctuation and grammar maladies that affect an amateur writer, the content will remain identical. Any new content will be in a specific update. Barring unforeseen calamity’s, Mr. Kucinich will have the spotlight on […]

#172 – Dick Bernard: "Chickens", meet "Roost"

I grew up in rural North Dakota, surrounded by all sorts of sayings such as “your chickens will come home to roost” which meant, basically, that ultimately you’d get what you deserved…. This comes to mind with reference to our entire society, which generally does not seem to get it that there is a certain […]

#171 – Dick Bernard: Big Dogs* out for the kill (who may unwittingly kill themselves, and us, too.)

Last evening’s 60 Minutes on CBS had a long and very useful segment about the why’s of the Wall Street collapse, and why the Big Dogs on the Street haven’t learned their lessons. It is very worth your while to watch the segment in its entirety. It is about half an hour. Earlier in the […]

#170 – Dick Bernard: "Big Brother is [Manipulating] You"

Yesterday I went through the aggravating exercise of converting our television to a new system required by our provider, a company not to be named, though it shares the first three letters of “company” as the first three letters of its name. For some weeks we had been warned by an endless trailer on screen […]

#169 – Dick Bernard: A Crazy Country? How can we win when we fight against our own best interests as a society?

This week ended with an anti-Health Care Reform Rally at the State Capitol in St. Paul. I wasn’t there, and the local news channel in early evening gave the event only cursory attention and announced that there were perhaps 100 people at the rally – pretty dismal considering the nice weather for this time of […]

#168 – Dick Bernard: Martti Ahtisaari, Peace Prize winner and a teacher

The posts for March 7&8 relate to this post. UPDATE March 15, 2010, Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial writer John Rash wrote a column about Mr. Ahtisaari. Friday, March 5, I had the opportunity to observe a great teacher in action: 2008 Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari speaking to school children; Martti Ahtisaari participating in […]

#167 – Dick Bernard: Words Affirming Human Oneness

The posts for March 7 and 9 relate to this post. I would invite you to read the Affirmation of Human Oneness, and then scroll through the translations into over 40 languages of that Affirmation. Later return to the site to read more about the history of the Affirmation, about its author Joseph Schwartzberg, and […]

#166 – Dick Bernard: Nobel Peace Prize Festival at Augsburg College, Minneapolis MN March 5-6, 2010

#167 & #168, published March 8&9, relate to the following post as well. (Here’s a photo album of some pictures I took at the Festival.) After lunch on Friday, March 5, I was seated on the dais with four others, opening the afternoon program of the 15th annual Nobel Peace Prize Festival. Seated to my […]

#165 – Dick Bernard: the End Game for Health Care Reform

NOTE TO READERS: I have had to disable the “comments” feature due to serious spam problems. My apologies. You can find my e-mail address on the “About” page of this site. Over night came some poll numbers, purportedly from CNN, which show that 25% of Americans are in favor of the current Health Care Reform […]

#164 – Dick Bernard: Haiti, an Anniversary

Six years ago today – actually it was February 29, 2004, Leap Year – Haiti’s President was loaded on a United States aircraft and removed from Haiti. The United States called it a “resignation” by Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Aristide – who should know – said it was not a resignation. Whatever the case, President Aristide was […]