#183 – Dick Bernard: The Politics of Energy, and Everything else

“The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Voltaire Earlier today, my spouse asked me what I thought of President Obamas just-announced approach to energy policy. His administration is apparently open to new, but limited, off-shore drilling for oil, including it in a package of other (in my reading) more important initiatives. This is a […]

#182 – Dick Bernard: The Honourable Alan King-Hamilton

Alan King-Hamilton died in suburban London on March 23. He was 105. I learned of his death in a phone call from his daughter, Mary. She suggested that the Telegraph had a good obituary of her Dad. The obit catches him well. It was, to greatly overstate the case, unlikely that I would ever have […]

#181 – Bob Barkley: The Role of Our Elected Leaders

Much of the problem we face today in the US is the lack of understanding of a necessary and proper role for government, and, in particular, of our Congress. They appear incompetent in almost every area they tackle. Put succinctly, they appear incompetent because they are! And no one should expect otherwise. All successful enterprises […]

#180 – Dick Bernard: Visiting a Convention of Democrats

State Senator Tarryl Clark received the endorsement of the Minnesota 6th Congressional District Delegates today, besting Dr. Maureen Reed for DFL Party support to compete against incumbent Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in November. Normally, this would be end of story. It is only the end of Chapter One. I attended todays DFL (Democratic Party) Convention in […]

#179 – Dick Bernard: A year blogging

One year ago today, March 25, 2009, I clicked on “publish”, and blog entry #1 on this blog was officially posted. What a year it has been. I have averaged a post every other day on diverse topics. I’m glad I started the project, and I don’t have any plans to discontinue it. There have […]

#178 – Dick Bernard: America, the civilized?

Today, in the wake of the Health Care Reform legislation, came reports of rocks through windows, telephoned death threats. The most vicious seemed directed towards Cong. Bart Stupak of Michigan. And we call ourselves a civilized society? Unfortunately, out of this encouraged incitement of the anger in the body politic may well come some deranged […]

#177 – Dick Bernard: Health Care Reform and Taxes

Strictly by coincidence, our appointment with the tax preparer today was at the same time President Obama was signing the Health Care Reform Act passed by Congress on Sunday evening. Preparing for the tax preparer the last few days gave me the annual up close and personal look at my own economic facts, as opposed […]

#176- Dick Bernard: The next seven months

I think, this morning, of the one time I did a major construction project. Back in the very early 1970s, we bought a package including a concrete slab and the framework and materials for a two-car garage, and I spent the better part of a summer doing the vast majority of the work to complete […]

#175 – Dick Bernard: The Nuns, the Bishops and Rome

In the weeks just past the Catholic Hospital Association and a coalition of Catholic Nuns, leaders of their orders, basically changed the conversation on the Health Care Reform legislation by coming out in support of the Health Care Reform proposal which passed tonight. On the other hand, the Catholic Bishops and Rome didn’t have a […]

#174 – Dick Bernard: Revisiting a column on a teacher's career

UPDATE Sat. March 20, 2010: At the end of this post I mention a long-ago note from a student to my Dad. Yesterday afternoon I located him. He lives in Oregon, and has severe MS. He’s probably about 65 now. His sister, who lives in California and gave me his address, thinks he’ll really appreciate […]