#163 – Dick Bernard: "I hope he fails…."

Today is the Health Care Reform summit in D.C. It is scheduled to begin in a few minutes…. I have been thinking a lot about what most thought was an astonishing comment by Rush Limbaugh on January 16, 2009, before the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Limbaugh said it best, himself: “I hope he fails”. […]

#162 – Dick Bernard: Afghanistan

Last night I made the wise decision to attend an informative talk and ensuing conversation entitled “Afghanistan, Pakistan – and India? The Curse of Bilateralism in American Foreign Policy. Afghanistan in Regional Perspective.” The speaker, William Davnie, had extensive experience in the U.S. State Department, some of which was in the South Asia area. He, […]

#161 – Janice Andersen: The Role of Forgiveness

Janice, Director of Christian Life at my Church, Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, is one of those many heroes and sheroes who inspire me when hope is gone. Her title belies her many roles in Peace and Justice at Basilica. She wrote the following column for our Church bulletin some months ago. I share it […]

#160 – Bob Barkley: Context and alignment are everything.

Context and alignment are everything: Context determines how we think about things, how we see things and how we see each other. It is our unconscious reality – one we create for ourselves or is created for us through marketing and such. As a result, many, no, most if not all, of us go through […]

#159 – Dick Bernard: "We are the World"; the "Kin[g]dom of God is yours…." Luke 6:17, 20-26

It’s Valentine’s Day 2010. Overnight came the new release of the 25th anniversary version of Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie’s We are the World. This years rendition, recorded after the earthquake, is dedicated to the people of Haiti (Ayiti). It is powerful. Do watch it. Back home, today’s Sunday paper had not a single word […]

#158 – Bob Barkley: "Useful to those in power…."

I have been reading Howard Zinn’s A Power Governments Cannot Suppress. It is a collection of his essays on a variety of topics all of which portray the benefits of civil action to reign in the powerful. About half way through there is an essay on Nationalism. In it I was struck by the term […]

#157 – Dick Bernard: Haiti et al, a little arithmetic lesson in caring and sharing

Thursday of this week we showed a few photos from what, in retrospect, were better times for Haiti kids at SOPUDEP School in Petion-ville in December, 2003. Our audience was about 100 2nd graders at an elementary school in a nearby twin cities suburb. Kids relate to kids everywhere, and this audience of young persons […]

#156 – Dick Bernard: Howard Zinn

However he’s looking in on we mere mortals, Howard Zinn is probably getting a kick out of all the attention he’s getting in death. Today, for instance, National Public Radio went to the trouble of admitting its obituary of Zinn was unfair. Zinn is likely smiling and would probably agree with the old variously attributed […]