#74 – Bob Barkley: First do no harm

It is intriguing to observe our nation’s current on-going debate about medical care – a system that ostensibly follows the ethical principle of “first do no harm.” It seems that medical care has now digressed to an un-American and unprofessional dictum of “first do not care for the unprofitable.” How can we “first do no […]

#73 – Dick Bernard: Sen. Ted Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

I awoke to a New York Times on-line headline “Edward M. Kennedy, Senate Stalwart, Dies at 77.”  He passed away late Tuesday night, August 25, coincidentally, my daughters 40th birthday.  He was a veteran U.S. Senator when she was born in 1969. Today and following days, there will be endless commentary about this larger than […]

#72 – Dick Bernard: Lindsay's 23rd birthday, and some other 23rds

Today is my oldest grandchild’s 23rd birthday.  This birthday causes me to think back…and ahead.  August 22, 1986, when Lindsay was born, means of communication differed from today.  There was no public access internet; public e-mail was several years in the future; cellular phones were just beginning to be talked about.  When I called to […]

#71 – Dick Bernard: Dixie Chicks, on the road…with fascism?

Enroute to and from North Dakota last week, I listened, twice, to one of my favorite CDs, the Dixie Chicks 2006 release, “Taking the Long Way”.   I’ll listen to it again on Monday as I take the same trip back to my home state. The CD is an inspirational one for me. I knew of the […]

#70 – Dick Bernard: Health Care and Government in LaMoure

Other posts on this topic: July 24,26,27,29,30,31,August 1,2,5,6,7,10 See Update at end of post. Friday I was in LaMoure (county seat of LaMoure County, ND, pop. 900).  As is usual on my visits there, I was an early customer for coffee at the gas station on the east edge of town.  I got my coffee, […]

#69 – Dick Bernard: Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Heather, and "…the land of the free, and the home of the" Rave!

Note comments following this posting. Yesterday afternoon, August 11, enroute home from a meeting, I listened to a portion of a public radio talk show about the death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, she of the Kennedy family, and founder of the International Special Olympics.   http://www.eunicekennedyshriver.org/ An hour after I got home, we headed out to suburban […]

#68: Dick Bernard: Putting the "n" back in "commuity"

Other posts on this topic: Jul 24,26,27,29,30,31,August 1,2,5,6,7,15. There is no such word as “commuity”, but that is what effectively happens when you remove the “n”, as in “negotiate”, or “neighborly” or “nice”.  Put the “n” back in, and you have, again, “community”. We all have a pretty clear sense of “community”, and how a […]

#67 – Dick Bernard: Communicating Health Care Reform

Other posts on this topic: July 24,26,27,29,30,31,August 1,2,5,6,10,15 Early in this round of emotional overkill on Health Care Reform debate, someone sent me the link to a draft bill on Health Care Reform, and put the spotlight on three “sections” of the bill.   I opened the document, which turned out to have 1,018 pages, and […]

#66 – Dick Bernard: The practice of the viral lie.

Note comment following this post. Other posts on this topic: July 24,26,27,29,30,31,August 1,2,5,7,10,15. In #60, posted July 29th, I commented on an e-list I somehow found myself on.  The list sends what could only be described as hysterical fear-mongering, mostly against Health Care Reform, and offers to send faxes to all 535 members of Congress […]

#65 – Dick Bernard: The latest Poll…and the "protests".

Other posts on this topic: July 24,26,27.29,30,31,August 1,2,6,7,10,15 The latest Poll. Towards the end of last week news reports were that the public was becoming disenchanted with President Obama’s performance on the Health Care Reform issue.  His poll numbers had dropped to the point that as many people disapproved of his performance, as approved: 46% […]