#52 – Dick Bernard/Carol Ashley: Views on Economic Stimulus

UPDATE:  Carol Ashley joined this conversation July 11 (her substantial contribution follows the initial post.)  This will be held open till July 21, 2009.  Dick Bernard: This is the first blog post I have specifically posted in Draft form.  I solicit specific, brief,  comments to my regular e-mail address.  When this paragraph is removed, the Draft […]

#51 – Dick Bernard: Death: Michael (Jackson), Robert (McNamara), Sarah (Palin)

Yesterday while I was donating blood, I asked the nurse if she had watched any of the Michael Jackson memorial or other goings on surrounding his death.  Mostly, she was non-commital, but her response was pretty succinct and wise.  There are two things certain in our lives, she said: we are born, and we die.  […]

#50 – Mary Ellen Mueller: Back to the future with Technology.

Moderators note: Mary Ellen apparently had e-mail long before I knew what it was.  She defines for me the best among the many ‘progressives’ I know: “with it”, but carrying many bedrock ‘conservative’ values as well!  Thanks, Mary Ellen! Mary Ellen: I was amused to see my ancient email address mentioned in [your] P&J#2028A [an […]

#49 – Dick Bernard: "A million [tea bag fax] copies…."

Early July 4 I received a long, rambling e-mail whose focus was Tea Bags, specifically, the need to send a million Tea Bag faxes to the U.S. Congress to protest taxes. The e-mail came with an Orange, California PO Box address and included the disclaimer that because it included a postal address, it could not be considered spam.    […]

#48 – Dick Bernard: the 4th of July

For several years now, we’ve gone to the annual 4th of July Parade in nearby Afton MN.  Afton is a tiny place on the St. Croix River, part of Minnesota’s eastern border, and mostly known for its big Marina and as  an artsy place.  Yesterday we were there. On the 4th of July Aftons population increases […]

#47 – Dick Bernard: Driving up the negatives

Less than 24 hours after I’d heard soon-to-be Senator Al Franken speak at the State Capitol, the home town St. Paul Pioneer Press carried a short article headlined “Poll: Franken’s national numbers are negative“. Reading further in the six paragraphs, the numbers gleaned from the national survey (Rasmussen) showed 44% of those surveyed had an […]

#46 – Dick Bernard: Sen. Al Franken enroute to Washington

This noon Senator Al Franken stood in front of the Minnesota State Capitol to acknowledge the end of the 238 day quest to ratify his election to the United States Senate.   I went over to the event, and I was glad I took the time to attend. The crowd was perhaps a few hundred.  Perhaps […]