#45 – Bob Barkley: Guns and America

Moderator:  A previous writing on this general topic is at #3, published April 3, 2009. Guns: Guns are used for sport. I have absolutely no interest in such sports. But as long as my safety is not seriously threatened, I believe individuals should have the right to engage in such sports and use any reasonable […]

#44 – Dick Bernard: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

The week just past was  a planned one. Tuesday afternoon, I was to attend the dedication of a new building and a Peace Pole at St. Paul’s Monastery in suburban Maplewood MN.  The event promised to give inspiration. http://www.stpaulsmonastery.org/ Wednesday through Friday was to be a trip to North Dakota to visit my Uncle and Aunt in the […]

#43 – Dick Bernard: Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all you biological Dads, and the legions of “Dads” whose role was defined by other than physically being the parent.  Being “father” is a complicated business that defies simple definition.  Even defining my own assorted roles over the 45 years since I first became a father in 1964 would take a […]

#42 – Claude Buettner/ Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg: A new dawn for Thinking Globally

Tonight is the annual meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS-MN, formerly known as World Federalists.)  This is an important organization with a long and honorable history of advocacy about global interdependence, and “developing proposals to create, reform and strengthen international institutions such as the United Nations.” (from CGS Mission Statement www.globalsolutionsmn.org). […]

#41 – Dick Bernard: Lobbying

I watch commercial television infrequently, usually local and national news programs in the early evening.  Some times I’m stuck with it, as when we draw baby-sitting duty and some kids channel is on. For a lot of years I totally boycotted the medium (I didn’t lose anything; on the other hand, it was probably over-kill […]

#40 – Dick Bernard: Dr. George Tiller May 31, 2009; Stephen T. Johns June 10, 2009: Some thoughts about a conversation

I think I might have a somewhat unusual “spin” on the tragic deaths of Dr. Tiller and Mr. Johns. What Dr. Tiller and Mr. Johns have in common is that they were gunned down in public settings by cold-blooded killers who doubtless felt they were righteous in their deadly actions. After Dr. Tiller was gunned down while […]

#39 – Dick Bernard: A new Farmer's Market in New Hope MN

Yesterday’s e-mails included a post from a good friend, Leslie Hendricks, calling attention to a local newspaper article about the opening of a new Farmers Market in her suburban community. Leslie had good reason to be excited about the article (http://tinyurl.com/mjhlh2) since the New Hope Community Farmers Market is her idea, tirelessly promoted beginning in […]

#38 – Dick Bernard: Seeing Community (it's all around us)

Last night I was at a celebration dinner for an organization, World Citizen http://www.peacesites.org .  World Citizen is a good group to get to know.  It’s Mission Statement: “Empower the Education Community to Promote a Just and Peaceful World.” At the celebration, one of my table mates was a new acquaintance, Abby, irrepressible, four years […]

#37 – Dick Bernard: The "Can don't" * problem….

 Continuing the “Crash Course” conversation (previous postings at May 11 and June 3, 2009). This “thread” tends towards conversation about Climate Change.  I recommend an eight minute down-to-earth talk by 2007 Nobel Peace Prize co-winner, Prof Richard Alley, to school children about the topic.  It is accessible at http://www.peacesites.org/educators/nobelfestival.  Click on link to Prof. Alley’s presentation.  Professor […]

#36 – Dick Bernard: President Obama builds a wall behind U.S. (and everyone else)

For previous posts mentioning President Obama, see Categories. A reader comment follows this post Today President Obama is at Normandy; yesterday at Buchenwald; Thursday at Cairo…. The analysis of the Presidents words is and will be unending, but one particular piece of analysis by a single “special interest” group, and some more general articles about […]