#749 – Dick Bernard: Dr. Soren Kolstoe, naturalist, outdoorsman, poet.

A while ago I was researching answers to a 1957 North Dakota test for high school Juniors and Seniors about North Dakota History, Geography and Government. Reviewing a 1963 Geography text by Bernt L. Wills I found a number of poems about North Dakota outdoors written by Soren Kolstoe, a name familiar to me from […]

Leila Whitinger: Remembering Valley City (ND) State Teachers College

Leila’s reminiscences are a part of a series of recollections about the place we called “STC” back in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The originating post is found here, at January 2, 2013. (click on photos to enlarge) Memories of Valley City State Teachers College By Leila Whitinger, B.S. 1963 I attended VCSTC from […]

#687 – Dick Bernard: "Sykes High, oh Sykes High School of Dreams Come True…."

Note to reader: Note: There are six other posts about Sykeston: There are several other post I have done about Sykeston: May 4 (the main article): Thoughts on Sykeston High School at its Centennial May 9 A 1957 Social Studies Test June 12 Remembering Sykeston in late 1940s June 28 Snapshots in History of Sykeston […]

#672 – Dick Bernard: Remembering Valley City (ND) State Teachers College 1958-64

NOTE: There will be continuing updates and additions to this post, which will include all additional items. Suggestion that you bookmark this page, if interested in 1958-64 at VCSTCHere is a companion post including pdf copy of every page of the 1960-61 Viking News (13 issues, 76 pages). UPDATES as of March 2, 2013: 1. […]

#533 – Dick Bernard: A Picture from the past, remembering Louis H. Bruhn

See Update from Carl Peter at end of this post. Going through some old photographs recently I came across this one of Louis Bruhn, taken by my father in May, 1974, at a Valley City State Teachers College alumni gathering in Anoka, Minnesota. (click to enlarge). I lived in rural Anoka at the time, and […]

#494 – Dick Bernard: On New Years Eve, A look back to 1960

“What are you doing New Years…New Years Eve?” For us, our six year old grandson will be an overnight guest tonight. That makes for a reasonably predictable “New Years Eve”. As for the year just finishing, and the year ahead: 2011 depends on the interpreter; 2012 is as yet unknown. They’re all important, these New […]

#485 – Dick Bernard: Christmas 2011 "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" Matthew 22:39; "And who is my neighbor?" Luke 10:29

UPDATE Related December 2011 posts can be seen here, here and here. (click on photos to enlarge) The first Christmas letter for 2011 arrived shortly after November 1 from Fargo ND. I don’t keep track of such things, but this one had to be the earliest I’ve ever received. The correspondents were long, long-time Christmas […]