#295 – Hunkering down for a Blizzard!

UPDATE 8:15 P.M. DECEMBER 11: Most likely we have over 20″ of snow at our home, thus far no wind. Didn’t leave the house all day. More snow than expected. UPDATE II 8:10 A.M. DECEMBER 12: We can now classify the storm as a modern day catastrophe. Not only was the Vikings-Giants game postponed till […]

#283 – Dick Bernard: A simple and positive idea, Holiday Greetings to those who may not otherwise receive them.

A great friend clued me in on a project a friend of hers was doing: to deliver 1000 greeting cards to military service persons, their families or veterans. It has a deadline of December 10, 2010, and the details are here. I bought in on the project and it was simple process to complete 50 […]

#276 – Dick Bernard: 11 bells; 3 volleys. Nov. 11, 2010 remembered.

“[My sister] Florence was born [Nov. 3, 1918] the year World War I ended. [Nov. 11, 1918] the hired girl and I were out in the snow chasing chickens into the coop so they wouldnt freeze when there was a great long train whistle from the Grand Rapids [ND] railroad track [5 miles away]. In […]

#191 – Dick Bernard: A Pleasant Spring Day in the Country May 4, 2000

We had our breakfast in the hotel in Krakow the morning of May 4, 2000. We’d been together, the 40 of us**, since April 26, but this day was even more serious than most earlier days had been, and those days had been serious, too: Tabor, Terezin, Prague…. There was not much small talk this […]

#185 – Dick Bernard: Easter (and other) Postcards from the olden days

Happy Easter. Some years ago I convinced my Uncle to loan me his collection of old postcards, sent to the rural North Dakota farm where he and my mother and many others grew up. The cards were mostly from the early 1900s, and in the end I scanned over 150 of them, and wrote a […]

#88 – Dick Bernard: A Happy Birthday to Annelee, and a time to reflect on War

See comment at end of post Annelee Woodstrom is 83 years young today, and what a remarkable 83 years it has been.  She’s one of my role models.  What a life.  What an example. We saw her reading from her book “War Child, Growing Up in Adolf Hitler’s Germany” one week ago today.  We were […]

#29 – Dick Bernard: Memorial Day 2009: A snapshot of the last year of WWII as experienced by two ND farm families

Taps: Today is Memorial Day, with all the varied meanings attached to it, all of which are deemed by their interpreters to be the proper meaning, all of which commemorate the tragedy of war.  An e-mail from Mel in California on Friday, May 23, led me back to a treasure trove of copies of […]

#11 – Dick Bernard: Swine Flu, Fear, Hype and Hysteria

During 1918, my mother almost died in the WW I flu epidemic. I know because she wrote about it in her memories, thusly: “I think one of the most traumatic experiences I had happened when I was about nine years old and got the World War I flu. Many people were very sick and some […]