Three more free days for The World Is My Country

Yesterday ended of the Free Week to preview the film, “The World Is My Country”. There has been a very strong, positive response in my small corner of the internet world. If you missed the show for whatever reason, below, in a note from the producer, is your opportunity: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Feb. 2, 3, […]

“The World Is My Country” , an inspirational film.

One Page flier here:World Is My Country004The World Is My Country002 Jan. 26 – Feb. 1. Sign up for pass code here. Include “CGS” in registration box. You can probably watch the film on your home television. Everybody’s system is unique. Ask your nearby tech whiz – grandkids are great sources – to help you […]

Dick Bernard: Three Opportunities At 100 Days of MAGA

The end of April marks the 100th day of MAGA (“Make America Great Again”). If you are even a tiny bit concerned about our future as a planet of people, here are three programs that are worth your time, more information accessible at (Global Solutions Minnesota*) All information at home page of this website. […]

#1250 – Dick Bernard: “The World Is My Country”, the Garry Davis story

“When the people lead, the leaders will follow.” York Langton* Today begins the 2017 MSPIFF (Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival). The schedule promises “350+ films & events”. I highly recommend one film among the many options: “The World is My Country“, which has its World Premiere at the St. Anthony Main theater in Minneapolis, […]

#756 – Dick Bernard: Two Powerful Messages about War and Peace.

Please see special note at the end of this post. We are a society that preaches Peace and reveres War. Evidence of this is around us everywhere, every day. In recent days I had two experiences which helped greatly to put this into dissonance into sharper focus, and provide an opportunity for reflection. If you […]

#744 – Dick Bernard: Some Proposals for this Fourth of July

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune has a good quiz to test your knowledge of the U.S. The column, including link to the test, is here. Today, July 4, is supposed to be a simple kind of day in the U.S. My daughter described it well: “grillin’ and chillin’”. This particular July 4 is a tad more […]

#713 – Dick Bernard: Some thoughts after World Law Day, May 1, 2013

About 40 of us gathered at the Gandhi Mahal Retaurant last evening, May 1, to Reflect On World Peace Through Law. The event was one of those that just came together; in this case, less than three weeks. Law Day has been a part of the American tradition since at least 1958, when President Eisenhower […]

#674 – Dick Bernard: The War for Peace…

UPDATE Jan. 7, 2013: note comment at end from Garry Davis. UPDATE Aug, 2013: Garry Davis passed away at the end of July, 2013. See this post. Sunday [Jan 6,2013] I was privileged to be among nearly 100 people invited to a private preview of a very special eye-opening film, which has the potential to […]