#625 – Dick Bernard: Eric Lusardi's Peace Pole and Garden, and the International Day of Peace

Today is the annual International Day of Peace. Last night in an e-mail came a three minute video that helped set the stage for today. There are numerous sites emphasizing Peace, including May Peace Prevail on Earth, my own World Citizen, and others. I knew part of my day today would be delightful, witnessing the […]

#624 – Dick Bernard: Election 2012 #46 – 4000 days at War in Afghanistan

Someone has calculated that today, September 19, 2012, is the 4000th day of the beginning of the War in Afghanistan: the day the bombing began, October 7, 2001. Except for isolated demonstrations, including one this afternoon from 5-6 p.m. at the Lake Street bridge in Minneapolis, there will be little attention paid to this anniversary. […]

Dick Bernard: A graduation and a commencement.

September 9, 2012, was a remarkable day for me. It has taken till December 10, 2012, to complete this brief post. There were two events on September 9, one immediately following the other. That day I was to meet a young man I’d never met before, 15-year old Eric Lusardi, over in New Richmond Wisconsin. […]